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F7 ?speakers
You are better off buying a speaker you like for the $s and look for an amp if F7 does not work.  
Clear difference between Harbeth 30.2 & Super HL5 Plus?
This may not help but I have heard 30.1 and SHL5+ in two different rooms. They both are quite different. SHL5+ has more range and you can hear it especially at the lower end of the spectrum. Everything sounds a bit larger with SHL5+, more towards ... 
My exp. with Focal Sopra No.2 , Harbeth 40.2, Passlabs XA30.5 and Hypex NC400
@tonediary have to listened to speakers powered by Hypex NC500?. 
Paradigm Persona 9H demo at Audio Doctor
We here in NorCal / Bay Area really can use someone so cool and savvy like Dave!.  
Help me choose a speaker match for my Line Magnetic 805ia tube amp under $10K
Consider a speaker that has the bass section already powered. Then your tube amp should be sufficient for the midrange and above as long as that section is efficient.It is not a great idea to buy a speaker for the LM. There are tube amps close the... 
Apollon audio vs Nord Hypex NC500 mono blocks which to pick
@nordacoustics Hi Colin, Thanks for taking time to responding. Better layout is always welcome. I will contact you over email and discuss about best way to get 3 speakers powered by NC500. 
How are you hearing no difference?
@mzkmxcv +1@4hannons Ask your friend to use the same preamp without telling you for the same track at the same SPL level. May be you will find more often than not that you think you can hear a difference. A good experiment which is repeatable will... 
Apollon audio vs Nord Hypex NC500 mono blocks which to pick
Yes I did read the review at 6Moons, but no other reviews are there yet. Seems like Acoustic Imagery is no more and Merrill does not have those older amps on the website anymore. 
best preamps
@plga +1 , Audio-gd does make good products. I have 3 headphone amps made by Kingwa and one of which is Master-5(I think) pre amp + headphone amp + DAC, Class A. Lot of folks at like products made by Kingwa.  
recommendation for speaker wire to soften the highs if possible
Could it be the tweeter and how you perceive hf sound?. Did you try a different speaker?. 
Apollon audio vs Nord Hypex NC500 mono blocks which to pick
@jackd  I don't understand that , 400 Watts @ 8 Ohm, 700 Watts @ 4 Ohm all the way to 550 Watts at 2 Ohm. The specs for NC500 can perhaps only be bested by Benchmark ABH2 in the THD category. First 1 watt to 200 watts @ 4 Ohm THD < 0.001, Outpu... 
Apollon audio vs Nord Hypex NC500 mono blocks which to pick
I wonder why no major AMP company in US embraced Hypex NC500 modules yet. ATI still selling NC400 based amps, which are still good. 
Apollon audio vs Nord Hypex NC500 mono blocks which to pick
@jackd I was planning to get three may be just get the 3 channel unit would be best ?. 
Switching between 2 amps , 1 set of speakers?
@cytocycle thanks for pointing to Luxman. Looks like a well built product.@douglas_schroeder is there no switch in the market that you feel is of sufficient quality?. When testing between amps, plugging and unplugging cables is quite a chore. If y... 
April 2017 review of the Paradigm Persona 9H A home run for Paradigm!
A minor correction quoting Sanders:  "I don't understand why don't every one uses large mid range drivers (large electrostatic panel accomplishes this), active crossovers (I forgot few things he mentioned here :( ) and room correction, it is just ...