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Benchmark AHB2 power amp impressions?
@aberyclark Benchmark also makes RCA to XLR cables : 
What’s a 10k to 15k speaker from smaller company that performs well?
@479142 +1 Yes Sanders is really a wonderful sounding system.  
Best headphone amp for classical music CDs?
I have used few Audio-gd headphone amps with DACs in them. They are quite good in my opinion. Quite an amount of over engineering for the price. I never heard through Marantz CD6006 however. Folks at head-fi seem to like Audio-gd gear. 
Amp/Preamps vs. High end AV Receivers
B&W CM8 specs:88dB spl (2.83V, 1m) which is like approximately 86 dB/1 W/1 Meter (quite low).Impedance: 8Ω (minimum 3Ω) (the minimum does not look good).Not sure how far you sit from the speakers if one assumes 9ft, you might need for the amp ... 
DAC suggestion Please
@saleh84 Why do you think R2R DAC sound better compared to sigma delta. 
Popular DAC that is known for its warm-ish sound?
@canibefrank +1 lol, very funny. As some others are echoing. There is no such thing as warm DAC. Get something that does not distort the input signal or the output signal. A good DAC can convert properly, when you say you want warm or something el... 
New power cord needed for speaker with powered subwoofer?
No specs for the cable from Morrow for MAP4 power cable.  Another power cable that has some specs  
Benchmark AHB2 power amp impressions?
My quick first impression with Benchmark AHB2 after couple of hours listening is that I think I have got myself the first serious HiFi product. Very good sound with my Paradigm Studio 40v3, well controlled across the spectrum, clean. Makes me turn... 
New power cord needed for speaker with powered subwoofer?
What is the AWG of your cable?.  
Benchmark AHB2 power amp impressions?
@aberyclark Balanced will give you much lower noise floor and protection against issues of running longer cable runs. RP-7 is fully balanced which means you are getting way lot more than just XLR output. What is your input to the preamp ?, does th... 
Preamp help for First Watt J2/ZU Omens combo
Do you mind if the preamp comes with DAC?. Check these out, totally over engineered for the price:Audio-Gd Dual ES9038Pro D-27If you like R2R DAC:Audio-Gd R-8 You can get these used sometimes over at head-fi and other places. I have only good expe... 
Best bookshelf speakers
Used Pradigm Prestige, used Legacy Studio HD. Best to go used for the budget. 2k is like an inflection point for good used speakers, you are looking at 1k bargain so will take some time. Keep in mind to get efficient speakers else you will have to... 
Amp/Preamps vs. High end AV Receivers
What are the speakers that you have or interested to power sufficiently?. 
Help picking an amplifier
I think you should be more careful in amp selection. I see from specs of the Ethos the following:Sensitivity92 dB/2.83 volts/meterImpedanceNominal: 4 ohms, 0.8 ohms @ 20 kHz Crossover Frequency375 Hz0.8 ohm !! Argh that is low. And 90 ish dB is ok... 
F7 ?speakers
@bakalovb did you mean 6 feet tall, 10 inch wide and 2 feet deep maximum dimensions per speaker?.