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Doge8 tube seating chart have the answer there. 
To SME or not to SME?
Keep your SME V,buy a lenco ,make a big heavy plinth and for peanuts you will have a great turntable. 
Anyone know anything about Mark Levinson MLC-1?
Tell us what you think about it. I use one on my OL1 fully modified by origin live on a lenco L75and i think it's a great cartridge but had not listened it against zyx...modern great cartridges. 
Doge 8 or YS A2 or Jungson J2?
In fact if i remember the reader cited by Salvatore live in nederland.I don't want to void the warranty as i bought it in france to an importer as Pacidic Valve.I prefer telefunken to mazda in the line, for the phono i have got good result with fu... 
Doge 8 or YS A2 or Jungson J2?
For the implementation of valves on doge 8 
Doge 8 or YS A2 or Jungson J2?
I bought my doge 8 about one year ago following the comment on high end audio from Salvatore and enjoy it a lot,it's a steal for the price. On my system i have had good results with telefunken 12 AT7 and ECC 801, but one is not obliged to put the ... 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Many thanks to Jean Nantais for this quite cheap tweak,this is not subtle, better bass, better definition,and openness. My lenco begin to sound as a high end table and my pink pt too is on sale now (and before i settle the TJN)However the quest go... 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Also, I am curious about the bearing upgrade that Jean sells for $190, what kinds of sonic improvements could I expect from that?Hello from France, Michael, i wait for my TJN from J Nantais but have heard nothing about the bearing upgrade.Where ha...