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SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
I have a 160 lb aluminium plinth for my ptp4 lenco.The purpose is not to damp but evacuate the vibes through one big pointe.The two other feet are neutral . 
Jean Nantais Reference Lenco Mk2 vs Mk3
Lenco heaven is for diy, and I don't think there are people who know the Nantais mkII or mk III. I personally build mine after reading the famous review by Salvatore on highendaudio.I think J Nantais has such an experience now (the finish of the f... 
Classical Record Labels and Recording Engineers...
Don't forget lyricon, s small Swedish label,whose the recording engineer is the same that proprius, Specialised in organ music and as excellent as proprius. 
vintage versus modern speakers
I am the proud owner of Apogee caliper signature bought in 1990 and to get the same musical level today would cost me a little fortune. 
Krell KSA 250 slow start board schematics
Try Gaby in Nice. He is used to repair high end gear. He has repaired the krell ksa 50 of a man I know which got fire inside.I am not home I work on a boat .contact me if you need a phone number and adress. 
Addendum to
I already got problem with my cd transport, I listen mainly vinyl lp and haven't been convinced by the demo of computer audio.I have the spare parts and my lenco will work perfectly in 50 years (me not)The only demo of computer audio I enjoyed was... 
Bridged classe audio DR9
Thanks a lot for your answers, I have tried both vertical bi amp and bridged mode. The differences are big. The DR9 used in stereo has the sound of valves amps. When bridged you gain bass ,definition and more space (mainly depth).I finally stayed ... 
Good sounding Deutsche Grammophon recordings
I have around 1300 classical vinyl lp that I bought along the years, but my main reference for good sound is: three first lists divinity, demi gods and basic list have never deceived me. 
Modified Lenco vs TW Raven
Here is a view of the turntable on lencoheaven.It was at the time a prototype, and I nearly finish it now.'s easy on this type of plinth to screw precisely the PTP4. 
Modified Lenco vs TW Raven
To Lewm, the plinth is in massive aluminium. is the beginning of the story.After this, he has made a prototype in aluminium that I bought,and has finished with a 400 pound turntable with a... 
Are there other Artisan Fidelity TT owners aorund?
There is a review on dagogo. 
Are there other Artisan Fidelity TT owners aorund?
There is a review on dagogo. 
Modified Lenco vs TW Raven
It's difficult to speak of lenco turntable because at the end it all depends on how you mod it.I have spent the equivalent of 2500 dollars for a massive alloy plinth (around 120 lb) and a dedicated bearing (same as the one described on the blog tw... 
Which MC low output cartridge for Lenco L75?
Hello. The lenco is à giant killer used on a dedicated plinth but the arm is not very good so stay with the denon. Have a look on lencoheaven you will get the answers. 
Bridged classe audio DR9
Thanks.I have been told that the DR9 Was sounding better when bridged than used alone in stereo.