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How Screwed Am I?
i have read that bose have a good resale value. if you are not happy with them i'm thing resale. you can then start over with a pair of full range floor standers. if you are going to run a reciever without seperate amps, i would suggest something ... 
what center to go with nht2.5i
i'm currently using a polk rti38, am i going to notice the differance for the better. 
Hanging Speakers from the Ceiling... Macrame???
if the speaker does not move on the ground, it will not move hanging in the air. if they arn't hanging yet, give me a quick explanation of how to attach a picture, and i will send a picture of my re-30. hung upside using nylon webbing and a swivel... 
Audiophile speakers VS Studio Monitors.
everybody needs to look at nht pro M60Xd. i have not yet heard them but from what i have read they sound like the speaker of the future. the idea of putting your signal through a computer controled crossover will turn off a lot of people. ok probb... 
what amp for nht 2.5i
i am using 12 ga esoteric audio speaker wire, only about 6 foot long. looks like pretty good stuff i bought about 12 years ago. think it was about $.70 per foot on sale. i lost one of the jumpers so i sripped off about four inches of the insulater... 
How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?
cats taste just like children, uh, i mean chicken. 
what amp for nht 2.5i
i have added mccormac, and bryston 4b to my list of possiblities. 
No More Pop-Ups
thanks for the tip, my oooold lady did something right for a change 
How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?
take the amplifier of the seperate amp stand and put it on the cats. your just messing with us, right? you dont have cats. best thread ever. 
Where will audio be in 10 years?
brickwall crossovers. only the desired freq will make it to the individual drivers. flat responce plus or minus .1 db. that will be us non-audiophiles. 
nht vs cerwin vega
i want at least 200 wpc, would like 3 channel but not a must, i like power meters ar at least a reliable clipping indicator. i have been looking at adcom, rotel, nad, proton d1200. all used. you can see my price range is limited to around $600. my... 
Am I crazy????? Try THIS
goog point, Gregadd. so it is possable the speaker does not move at all.most speakers are kind of tough to hang and make look nice without using a drill. the outriggers on my nht2.5i should make a good platform for hanging upsidedown. i might be a... 
Am I crazy????? Try THIS
the fact i have not seen the sp move do not mean it is not moving, it is moving back and forth in oppsite direction of the woofer. the mass of the air being moved in relation to the mass of all non moving parts of the speaker will determine how mu... 
nht vs cerwin vega
i've been looking for either a 3 or 5 channel amp. 2 or 4 channels to the nht's, 1 for the center, and will use the carver for rear ch. i want 200 or more watts to the mains. i like the way the carver sounds over the amp in the hk avr20II, seems t... 
nht vs cerwin vega
thanks, Ender. i've been looking for a good used amp to power those 2.5's. also i've been wondering what center to use.