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HELP Turning off the Left Brain
A sharp blow to that side of the head with a large, blunt instrument would probably suffice. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) 
why spikes under speakers???
It's all about reducing transmission of cabinet resonance from the speaker to the floor. This way you hear the vibrations of the driver, not the vibrations of your floor. Energy transferred from the speaker cabinet to the floor effectively turns t... 
HELP Turning off the Left Brain
Stage left, Stehno. 
Room Acoustics Problem????
My guess is that the real culprit is the opposite of what you suggest. Am I correct in understanding you to mean that there's an opening or doorway in the wall by the right speaker? If this is the case, it's that hole that is most likely causing t... 
Other Hobbies?
Motorcycles and downhill skiing...the faster, the better for both. Those things keep me occupied most of the time. Audio is for when the weather won't cooperate with my other two passions!!!Marco...Too damned funny, as always!!!Hey Elgordo...how a... 
Audioquest Argent? Midnight? Sterling?AudioTruth?
I'll second every word of what Thorman had to say, as I'm still using an Argent-Midnight cable set to biwire my main speakers. I haven't used Argent in a single wire setup, but I reterminated a pair of Midnight biwires to single for lows and added... 
Best Song or AlbumTitles?
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables -- Dead KennedysEat or Be Eaten -- White Brains on Toast (off of Firesign Theater's 'Eat or Be Eaten') 
Problem with bass managment with many universals-
I see what you meant now, Bufus, and I agree. I too think a sub starts to sound, well, just wrong when sent the raw LFE signal from some pre/pros that go as high as 200Hz. I can't think of any decent main speakers that wouldn't be better suited to... 
Problem with bass managment with many universals-
"and the interaction between the three drivers would probably be a huge mess!!!"Not as much as you might think, Bufus. The stereo sub pair act as simply another driver added to each of your front speakers, since they run off exactly the same signa... 
Manufactured Cds -- difference in brand names?
7671 is correct. BMG discs are made on the same lines at the same time as the "brand name" discs...only the labels are different. 
Problem with bass managment with many universals-
..."and has no sub output at all if fronts are selected as anything other that "small"-"...Well, I've never run into that problem, but your rant is generally correct that bass management is a joke. That's why I don't deal with it. Set your front s... 
Tips for gradual upgrade
Just my opinion, but your system is at the level where true upgrades are really expensive. That's not to say that good equipment can't be found at a decent price that sounds DIFFERENT (only you can determine if different is an improvement), but tr... 
Top "covers"
Since you mentioned the man in black, I must add Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" by Trent Reznor/NIN and might as well add the HIM cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" from 'Razorblade Romance'. 
Two subwoofers in smallish HT room?
Eldartford,"I tend to think of subwoofers as just another driver of the speaker system, so that each speaker should have its own colocated SW. I have three for my front channels, and would have two for the rears if I thought that the rear LF respo... 
best cdp for playing cdr's
I've never had one that wouldn't read CD-R...but CD-RW is another matter entirely.