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90's amp/intergrateds that best some of todays
Revox B750 and ASR Emitter 1 or 2, both integrated although the Emitter comes with 1,2 or 3 outboard psu's. Thee will beat if not most than all of whats out there today. 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
Klipschorns and Tannoy Little Reds. 
Is Funkadelic's song "One Nation Under A Groove"
As much as I love "One Nation..." and Bootsy nothing comes close to "Funkadelic" ," Move Your Ass..." (with the bass turned up)and "Maggot Brain"! 
Electric power in Europe
The current current standard for Europe is 220-240V, 50Hz delivered by a single live wire (brown), neutral (blue) and earth (yellow/green).The national grids have not really changed, they just redefined the permissable standard. So, if Spain was 2... 
Best Audio-Manufacturing Countries?
Traditionally different countries have different strenghts: USA for amps (phase linear, crown, mcintosh,krell...)Great britain speakers (Tannoy,Quad, Lowther,ATC,Spendor...)Germany/Switzerland tt's and anything tape (Thorens,EMT,Studer/Revox, Nagr... 
Top ten DD turntables of all time?
In no particular order:Nakamichi TX 1000Technics SP 10 (all of them)Goldmund Studio and StudiettoEMT 938;948;950Thorens TD 524 and 535 (made by EMT)My own favourites are the EMT's. The best record players known to man and untweakable. 
Your First System
I started around '81 with a Technics SL-Q 2 with a Denon cartridge (a 110, I think) a BIC cassette machine, Pioneer SA 710 amp and speakers were Fostex FP253's in back-loaded horns and JBL 2402's crossed over at 5kHz. 
Guitar Solos
Eddie Hazel on "Maggot Brain" (on Funkadelic's Maggot Brain and Live Albums NOT the version on One Nation...)Good (and sad) enough to make you cry!The studio version, the legend has it, was one long impro that George Clinton coaxed out of Eddie by... 
Speaker design myths revealed
Ok everywhere I searched I can only find IB=sealed box,even in some white papers and the relevant formulae are identical. Also at least two manufacturers(Linn,Quested) refer to their closed box designs as IB's. Driver manufacturers too use the ter... 
Speaker design myths revealed
I give you the one about the circular baffle, was mostly to show the size problem with open baffles.With regards to the infinite baffle let me quote the "Audio & HiFi Engineers handbook":'Infinite BaffleThe rear wave is'smothered' by mounting ... 
Someone w Experience Active/Passive Biamping
I'd go with an active line level crossover.Apart from a higher damping factor and increased efficiency it gets rid of the horrible effects that come with having inductors and caps in the audio path!Inductors introduce phase shifts and eat powerand... 
External sound device vs PCI soundcard
gts, you WILL need a RIAA phono pre whatever audio interface you buy. 
Mini Mac as audio server?
Just got my Mini Mac and I'm using it as music server as I type.iTunes does do WAV, no problem. Why bother bwith Edirol when you can get Firewire and/or USB interfaces for Apogee's line of convertors?I'd save the money for the RAID and get those i... 
Who woulda thunk?
Hearing Greg Lake's 'I Believe In Father Christmas' in almost every supermarket before christmas.Has anybody actually ever listened to the whole lyrics? 
How about some slammin' reggae for my N802's....
If you like dubby/modern dubby stuff you might have joy with these sites:www.bloodandfire.co.uk (classic reggae/dub)www.pressure.co.uk (classic dub)www.ariwa.com (Lee "Scratch" Perry lives HERE!)www.diffdrum.co.uk ( dub to dance to)www.30hertzreco...