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Speaker Sugestions Wanted $1500 max
I'd get Tyler Acoustic F2's in the floorstanding model. I love mine. Best speaker for the price, and best speaker, I've owned. This floorstander does so many things well and has a beautiful cabinet to boot. Two thumbs way up.Jack 
CDP with best bass response
I thought my Theta Miles did bass well. Wish I'd kept it.Jack 
Good Bass Floorstander under 1K
The 44hz rating is on the monitors. The Linwoods with the same cabinet go down to 40hz. There were a bunch of factors to consider. The port on the F2 is covered therefore discouraging the 2 and 5 year old from storing toys there. The Sols port is ... 
Good Bass Floorstander under 1K
Well....I'm going with Tyler custom F2 floorstanders that came available tonight on Audiogon. They have a few things I really like.Natural Cherry will match house interior.Front port is covered by the grill.Not too big.Great company with great rep... 
Good Bass Floorstander under 1K
Thanks for the responses. I've considered the Golds. I have Image 4T's in a home theatre and love'em for the price. The 2 pair available are for pick up and even though I'm in an adjacent state are still quite far away.They would be hard to sell s... 
Best Monitors for Rock N' Roll under $2500
Green Mountain Callisto fans,did you previously own the Europa? How much more bass does the callisto provide. I'm constantly on the fence about whether or not my europa's rock enough for me. I've considered the close out Mirage OM-9 or Meadowlark ... 
what CD player between 1-2K
My first Cd player was a NAD 5000, 1991 vintage. I upgraded to a Theta miles and then a Quad CDP-99. I'm back to my NAD 5000 and enjoying music more than ever. I saw a 5000 for sale here for 65.00 a few weeks ago. Goes against all my audiophile lo... 
Good speaker selector box
Just picked up a Parasound Zselect speaker box from Audio Advisor B-stock for 90 clams. Hope it works well. Any comments on this unit? It had impedance protection. 
upgrading CD player results
This unfortunately has been my experience too. I'm curently running a 1991 NAD 500 cdp and just enjoying not analyzing the music. I think to that different people have different hearing capabilities. I've heard many dealer set ups at widely varyin... 
Au24 speaker cable spade size
Thanks Guys I thought it might be 5/16 but needed that verified.Jack 
For those interested in the PrimaLuna Prologue One
I'm waiting for the Prologue One vs.TAD/Cayin tube integrated showdown. The reviews on both are positve. 
VenHaus Pulsar™ interconnects
I'm looking forward to hearing the results of TVAD's Au24 vs. Pulsar comparison. I'm all Audience right now and am curious about this matchup. 
Vandies or Maggies?
I was in the same quandry a few years back. I had Vandy 3's. They are large and weigh 90 lbs each. I was afraid the Vandies would get knocked over and hurt the baby or the baby would totally wreck the "sock" on the Vandy.I sold the Vandies and bou... 
Best affordable amp for Thiel CS3.6
Try a PS Audio HCA-2. There is a Positive article on this same speaker/amp match. 
Change Amp or go Integrated
I forgot to add that I want to only have 2 components! CDP and one other.