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Wadia Upgrade Question
Tclipse,I believe you'll love what Steve can do with your 830 ifthe work he's done on my 861 is any indication. All the comments by avnut are on the mark. The one caveat is thatthese mods take a while (weeks) to fully break in so if youcommit, be ... 
Nakamichi PA7 versus PA7 II
Walther,I think it's a fine sounding amp. I had it modified by Musical Concepts. I'ts not bright but maybe a touch warm.A good power cable (I use Synergistic Res Ref) makes apositve improvement.Tim 
Nakamichi PA7 versus PA7 II
As the owner of a PA7 II can tell you it was rated at 225Watts per channel into 8ohm vs 200 for the PA7. I don't believe they're class A but the do utilize the Stasis topology designed by Nelson Pass. This amp runs warm but not hot so if it's clas... 
replacing Audio Research power chords
Tom,ARC will add an iec to components that have room for them,it's about $350 plus shipping. Leonard is the guy to talkto. 
Pass XO vs X1
Found it.Thanks! 
synergistic des. ref vs nordost Valhalla
As the old saying goes "try it you'll like it" Seriously,I use Synergistic Desingers & Res Refs with Active shieldingand Designers Ref cable. I tried both Vahalla interconnectsand speaker cable. Although the interconnects are incredible, the b... 
Yes, it's pretty incredible & every review I've seen echoes my experience. The speaker cable made the biggest improvement although the interconnects are superb. My system is comprised of Wadia, ARC, Pass & Dunlavy gear.My regular Interncon... 
Pioneer DV AX10
My local dealer "Audio-Video Logic had two & they went right out the door. This thing is built like a tank and weighs in at nearly 60lbs. I saw inside and build qualityis exceptional. Although it has xlr outputs, I'm not certainit is true bala... 
Best blank CDRs
I too have had good luck with the HHB discs, these are generally only available from pro audio source but they'renot impossible to find. I've also had success with Maxell74 & 80 minute blanks, only one defective disc out of nearly200 so, not b... 
Wadia 860 output level/gain
Steve at Great Northern Sound is a great guy and I'm surehe can walk you through the procedure. He also has somegreat mods for the the 860.Tim 
Speakers for ARC REF.1 pre amp, VT200 amp
In my systym, I have great results with this combo and Dunlavy SC-V's and Synergistic Res Ref & Designer's Refcabling. I've heard this same set up with Dunlavy SC-IVA'sit's great too, of course your room will dictate what willsound best.Tim 
Theta GenVa Upgrade
With some transports the lense would make occasional pops, (static like)for such a pricey unit (new) I found this unacceptable. Genesis changed the buffer software a few times but swear that it didn't affect the sound. I tried 6 units, each soundi... 
Theta GenVa Upgrade
I agree that the Jade does up the quality of the Gen Va, I had various success with no less than 6 digital lenses (very transport sensitive)so I never went that way. Theta still says the VI is months away But I feel the Gen Va is still a very good... 
aq diamond x2/x3 vs audio magic sorceror
J_K, If your contact still has the Diamond Extreme, please put him in contact with hifigy at kioa933@aol.com. You're right, the AQ Diamond is a great interconnect, so is the Lapis. 
Nakamichi CA-7 preamp
Ed, This is not a bad pre-amp, used they can go for about $800. It's class A throughout and sounds best with an after market power cord. I got great results with a Synergistic Master coupler. I had Musical Concepts modify mine with black-gate caps...