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ARC Ref 2
Thanks, everyone for the feedback (pun intended) btw, I'm using a VT-200 and Dunlavy SC-V's with Synergistic cables & interconnects. hifigy kioa933@aol.com 
Best CDR ?
www.hhb.co.uk, 1-800-319-3111 
Digital Coaxial Cable 75 ohms choices
The Theta coax is very good, especially for the price, around $190. Be carefull of the connections, they can easily break loose. You'll find it very smooth and natural. I heard George Cardis had a hand in designing this cable. 
Canare digiflex cbls- Which end is which
I agree with the previous comment. I have talked to canare reps though & they say their cables are non-directional, hence no arrows. hifigy 
CD recorder Marantz or Pioneer
I agree with ranstl. Seek out an HHB pro unit. It's based on a Pioneer unit but has all the pro connections & defeatable scms. It doesn't copy hdcd. I have an HHB 880 (the previous model) and it's fantastic. 
tube amp advice foe Dunlavy scIII'S
You'll get great results with an ARC VT-100II, better with a VT-200. I use a VT-200 with Dunlavy SC-V's and it's wonderful. 
Tube Amps who does mods and upgrades?
The Great Northern Sound Company in MN does great work. Steve Huntley was with Audio Research & Wadia and has vast knowledge on the topic. 651-578-0657 Tell him Tim Fox in Des Moines gave you the tip. Good Luck 
Black Diamond Cones ADVICE
Carl, When placing the cones under your unit, make sure one is under the transformer & balance the unit from there. The points down approach work best in my experience. Good Luck 
Ken, given the size of your room, I don't think you can go wrong with Dunlavy SC-IVA's, even the IV's are a bargain used and woth seeking out. With the IVA's you won't need your sub unless you have an lfe out on your pre-amp. I've owned the SC-IV'... 
What is the best digital interconnect
The MIT mentioned above is very good, a bit lean in the bottom end but, otherwise it's great. Theta's coaxial is a suprising value as well, very balanced top to bottom. If you really want one of the best, the Synergistic Designers Reference would ... 
Best speaker for 6 grand max.
The Dunlavy SC-IVa is hard to beat if you have the space, but don't rule out a set of SC-IV's. The money you save could go into a great set of cables. 
Best amp for Dunlavy V
The VT-200 is a great match, especially with Synergistic Designers Ref spkr cable. I tried Krell FPB's, the bass was great but, everything else was too in the face. I agree with haipo's comments