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Cardas Golden Cross vs. Golden Hexlink 5C
I have to agree. I actually prefer the Cross to the Golden Cross in my system. Unless your system is on the "bright" side, go with the Hexlink. 
Balanced Power Conditioner, need suggestions...
Try a standard 3 prong extension cord from the bpt to these remote components. They will be receiving balanced power thru the extension cord and it will give you an idea of whether or not option #1 is worth it.I also have a BPT-2 and find the vide... 
TV's... what does the typical audiophile have?
9" CRT front projection with Faroudja NR+ scaler, C-band satellite, and 100" screen. 
Regarding people selling equipment to U.S.A. only
I sold a pair of cables to a gentleman in France. It was a $99 sale that turned into a paperwork nightmare. I shipped them from my office for convenience, then UPS started demanding customs forms from my boss!!! Could have sold them in the US with... 
Digital Cable Vs satelite
If your only concern is losing the picture during a heavy rain, invest in a larger dish. You can use up to a 30" dish for digital satellite which (in theory) gives you 177% more signal than the 18" dish. Still, don't expect more than about 300 lin... 
Alternate interconnect to Cardas Neutral Reference
I replaced all my Cardas Neutral Reference ICs with Nirvana S-X. The Cardas seem compressed and lifeless by comparison. Auditioned the Nirvana for free from The Cable Co. www.fatwyre.comThey retained the warmth of the Cardas but seemed much quiete... 
Opinion on Mark Levinson 33H Monoblocks
Agree with jtinn. I had a 336 and bought the 33H monos. Most notable improvement in my system was in the mid to upper midrange. Frank Sinatra sounded like he had a cold with the 336. The 33Hs cured him...big time!!! 
Best lines in a song
"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows", and "When you ain't got nothin', you got nothin' to lose". Bob Dylan. 
Beatles - Vinyl LPs
I second the Parlophone box set. Much less expensive than the MFSL (I have both), and very close in sound quality. Check ebay. 
Nora Jones new CD -- Copy Protection -- YIKES
You can express your feelings here: 
Need CDP opinions please
I had my SACD 1000 modified by Dan Wright. The signature mod with tube output stage was around $1250. Sounds better than my stock XA-777ES. 
Pro PA Amp Recommendation
QSC also makes good PA amps. The PLX series has a switching power supply and only weighs around 25#. Very good sound quality also. 
Moving on after Audio Research LS2
I went from an LS2 to an ARC Ref-1. The improvement was more than I expected, especially in the bass. Down the road you could have Steve at Great Northern Sound do his upgrade to the Ref-1 for another $2000 to make it a true reference product.I al... 
REL sub setup
The high level connection has a very high impedance. Your amp won't even know that it's there. For music, this is the best way to go. The sub takes on the characteristics of the amp driving the speakers, therefor you are able to have a more seamle... 
Your Favorite, Most Outstanding Guitar Solo
Larry Carlton's solo on Steely Dan's Kid Charlemagne.