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Tube Amps and Subwoofers
I am currently running a Sonic Frontiers Pro-3 DAC, ARC Ref-1, and VT-200 into Hales Trancendence 8 speakers. The Hales are great, but miss the bottom octave. I bought a REL Stadium III. The REL takes its input signal from your tube amp, thereby p... 
Custom jumpers?
If you haven't tried it, you might hook up your cables to the top posts and let your existing jumpers carry the signal to the woofers. That way, any degredation of the signal due to the jumpers will only affect the woofers. Imaging, detail, etc. w... 
Bridging amps.
I had the Beta towers and tried all sorts of amplification for the bass. The best I found was a QSC M3000. Less than $1000. Much more punch than either Bryston or Krell. 
Comment- "CD" Quality of DirectTV&DishN.
I agree 100%. I have Direct TV with a coaxial output going to an upsampler before an outboard DAC. The sound is veiled, compressed, etc. compared to CD or even FM. The dolby surround for movies is much better. 
Infinity Beta speakers
I've had Betas for 7 years. Set up according to the manual with no mods. They are very amplifier sensitive. Suggest Audio Research tube amps for the mid/twt columns and - believe it or not - QSC PLX 3002 for the bass. The QSC can be purchased for ...