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Opinions...on Digital Cables for Esoteric Gear
zensati authentica digital cable (as any of their cables) will blow you away. 
Ortofon as309s or sme m2-12r
StargazerangIs and why the rs309d worth the extra cash over the as-309 or the SME m2-12r in your opinion ? 
Garrard 301 restoration
PaniPrices start at around $6k for a table and a plinth, before other options such as upgraded platter, additional arm in the plinth etc. (not to mention the arm+cart). It's a heck of an investment but I hope it's worth it. 
power cords fo monoblocks
Hi allCurrently my amps using a pair of Aural Symphonics Cappucino PCs and I tried also Transparent reference XL.My budget for a pair is around $1.5k. I've heard good things on the TWL 7+ (anyone ?).The Transparent added depth in the soundstage bu... 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
Look into Audionet Max amps from Germany - better prices in Europe that US made stuff. Tons of power. 
Where to go next to power my vivid speaker
DasignThanks for your response. Any take on the 100.8 monoblocks from Pass ? 
Best integrated amp for Harbeth SHL5s
A friend got great results with croft. 
Lamm 1.2 vs. Pass xa 60.5
Any reliability problems with Lamm hybrids or a vicious rumor ? 
Lamm 1.2 vs. Pass xa 60.5
Bowhen will you get the 350.8 ?I'm waiting for your impressions against the 100.5 !! 
Lamm 1.2 vs. Pass xa 60.5
Thanks so far guys - appreciate your high value points.Yes, I'm afraid moving to the Lamms will be a bit of a sideways step and I don't have a chance to audition. I also have the option of trading the 60.5 to a 100.8 ahhh - those tough but much ne... 
Lamm 1.2 vs. Pass xa 60.5
HasseEven though I like the pass sound in the last few years I own the xa60.5 and owned the x250 before that, I want to try something else with the risk I will regret this move eventually... 
Music server for a newbie
JeffkadI'm kinda puzzled so far since I no nothing about computers and when contacting some of the brands you metioned, everyone tells you that his solution is the best, the most easy to handle and the most flexible etc.I thought I will wait for s... 
$8000 budget on Pre-amp
I own same amps with the Music Culture mc-601 pre (former dsigner of MBL). This pre smoked the xp-20 and some others. This one will leave you with pletny of change from $8k budget. 
Music Servers - Baetis vs. Music Vault
BarrelchiefThanks for the detailed info on the Baetis. What I meant is that I'm looking for a Dac-less unit as there are several brands on the market with an onboard dac that for me is useless. I believe the baetis is indeed dac-less right ? 
Music Servers - Baetis vs. Music Vault
BarrelchiefAny update on your search ?I'm actually looking for same type of server - ease of use, ripping capabilities, stream and storage capabilities (no dac needed). And I might add also that I prefer a display as well.Can you share your though...