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Acoustic Signature Turntables
Hi Dgob,I'm sending my Mat2 back to the factory for an exchange because mine had a little dent that looks like a gap in the graphite. It'll probably take about 10 days for the exchange process. At the moment, I have the Audio Technica AT-600 Ceram... 
Tubed Pre question?
I have the Joule Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Edition (tube) and the Spectron Mono-blocks (class-D) with Bybee purifiers and I'm in musical heaven with this combo. Best,iSanchez 
Turntable set up HELP
Macdadtexas,You should check if the VTA changed from the previous setup. If it did, after setting it up correctly, adjust the tracking force again.Best,iSanchez 
Acoustic Signature Turntables
Hi Dgob,It seems that there is a frequency shift with the Mat1, but at least in my system, it was not toward a higher pitch. So a contralto sounded like a contralto in my particular case. There was though some sort of compression in the lower treb... 
Acoustic Signature Turntables
Hello Dgob,For me, this is the mat the rules them all. In my system, the Mat2 works way better than the Mat1. The lower treble was an area that the Mat1, in my opinion, was a bit fuzzy. the Mat2 renders the lower treble with increased clarity and ... 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
01-19-09: PsagiSanchez, Its interesting how this preamp can enhance what we call "slam", something I previously attributed mainly to the amplification stage. Fortunately this preamp is able to balance it with natural yet detailed sound. No doubt t... 
Elrod Silver Signature Speaker Cables
As far as I know, he is. One dealer is MCV Consulting (803-589-9161). 
Spectron MIII MKII after market tweeks ?
Hello Bostonbean,Very nice review. It's not surprising that after adding the Elrod Silver Signature SC your system has much more resolve. David Elrod set to design a speaker cable taking into account the great capabilities of today's powerful amps... 
Quad ESL owners question
Hello Bob,It seems I should have read all the posts more carefully before jumping in.In my experience, whether planar speakers can play convincingly the genres of music you mentioned depends on the rest of the system and the size of the room. For ... 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
Hello Psag,Congratulations on your new preamp! Real music is what it's all about. Like Signaturesound said it: "it is going to re-define what really good preamp can do".I had a little incident (in a good way) with this preamp. The other day, I was... 
Quad ESL owners question
01-16-09: Acoustat6"the acoustic ambience of a panel that radiates forwards and backwards (nice for chamber, church or low level classical music)-"Yes, electrostats (or any dipole for that matter?) are bad bad bad bad bad for any other type of mus... 
Turntable on a $5k budget?
Everything I've read so far leads me to believe that suspended tables are more forgiving of vibrations in the room. Is that not so? Like I said, my floor is not a concrete slab. Now I am confused.It all depends on the design solution for each appr... 
Best Phono Stage within 2000 $
It doesn't seem like the new PS.30RDT has hit the US shores yet. Is this correct?Best,iSanchez 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
I meant to say spot on!Best,iSanchez 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
Hello Rafael,You assessments are stop on. It doesn't cease to amaze me how a single component takes a whole system and ... puff! ... the whole system disappears and only the music is left.Best,iSanchez