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Dynavector 501 repairs
At least on the 507, the headshell is a standard 5 DIN, so that's easy to replace. You can contact Dynavector's distributor regarding getting an original one, or get a Sumiko headshell, which allows for azimuth setting.I'm not sure what you refer ... 
Spectron MIII MKII after market tweeks ?
For some reason, my answer to Oscar44 question doesn't get posted. Try contacting Joule Electra and they'll be able to give you Elrod Systems contact information.Best,iSanchez  
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
Hello Rafael,Congrats on the new preamp. I totally agree with you regarding the bass. It is so powerful, fast and clean that it really renders large orchestras with an uncanny level or realism.Please keep us posted as you discover more.Best,iSanchez 
Turntable on a $5k budget?
Hello Flyski,For less than 5K you can get a high-mass Acoustic Signature turntable with a Rega RB300 tonearm. On the suspended designs, JA Michell Gyro SE Turntable would be a good place to start. It can be upgraded to full Orbe.If you're thinking... 
Best Phono Stage within 2000 $
Thanks for the clarification. I saw a tonearm in Dr. Feickert's website that matches your description. The Jelco tonearms are great. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours. From what I know, they perform x2 or x3 better than what the price suggests.Best,iSan... 
Best Phono Stage within 2000 $
Hello Clio09,You'll love the Adjust+ once you get to use it. I find that once the setup process in the control panel is over , using the Adjust+ software is very straightforward. I'm not aware of the Dr. Feickert tonearm. Are you referring to the ... 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
Perhaps for different reasons, I also hear a very authoritative sound, "resolving every bit of musical detail in an easygoing way", in my system, which is quite different from the system in the Merlin/Joule Electra room. Best,iSanchez 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
Hi All,There is a little report of the Merlin/Joule Electra room here. I'm not sure if this room was using the new LA-300ME preamp.Best,iSanchez  
Best Phono Stage within 2000 $
Sorry about my misspelling, I meant to say Hello Gabriele. 
Best Phono Stage within 2000 $
Hello Gabriel,Is there a price difference between the Whest PS30.R and the PS30.RDT?I totally agree on the Mint tractor. It is much more accurate than the Dr. Feickert universal protractor. IMO, it doesn't matter how much you spent on your analogu... 
Overhang for Ortofon 2M Bronze on Rega RB301
Hello Bob,Congratulations on your new Oftofon 2M Bronze cartridge.I very highly recommend the Mint tractor if you'll be keeping your current turntable for a while. Each Mint tractor is drawn and cut for your turntable/tonearm combination taking in... 
Joule Electra LA-150 MK3 vs MK2?
Hi Rafael,I'm glad you also got this preamp and that your experience with it is similar to mine. Please let us know more of your impressions later.Best,iSanchez  
Review: Joule Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Edition Tube preamp
I understood (again and again) that the true music is all about emotions - you simple do not notice if high are silky or not, if bass is fleshed out etc.That's great point. I deliberately didn't want to use many audiophile terms to express what I ... 
Acoustic Signature Turntables
Dgob,I was wondering myself about the origin of that quote. It sounded very familiar from the moment I read it.BTW, I ordered the new Mat2 from Boston Audio. I'll post my impressions here once I set it up.Best,iSanchez  
Feickert Adjust+ Tool
That is correct. The future of analog playback is digital setup. Finally digital being put to good use!Best,iSanchez