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JL Audio Fathom
No I would not switch. Doubtful the JL is much different from ML sound wise. I have had 5 (yes 5) failed JL E112s, friends don’t let friends by JL.   
JBL K2 S9900 vs Klipsch Heritage Jubilee Horn Speakers.
Kennymacc,   high praise for sure. I would like to hear/own them sometime. I wonder if they are using celestion Axi2050 compression drivers. The specs seem to match up.  
JBL K2 S9900 vs Klipsch Heritage Jubilee Horn Speakers.
The Jubilee has always looked interesting. The active crossover in the Jubilee allows for manual balance adjustment between the bass drivers and horn which is needed to use different amps. It also corrects the time domain. the 340hz crossover is i... 
Cornwall iv
Mofojo,   that is good to hear. Does it show you the changes it makes before and after running the correction? Do you allow full bandwidth correction or limit it to a frequency (say 200hz and lower)?    
Off-axis compensated for by balance adjustment
None symmetrical toe in is worth a try too.     
Anyone Running Pro Speakers in your "High-End" System?
The JBL 4367 that I own uses pro drivers (D2 compression driver, 2116Nd-1). The D2 is straight out of the pro lien but the 2116 has a light modification in the surround. But turned for the home environment. I think that tuning helps as the dispers... 
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
I use high efficiency speakers with high power. Amps have come a long way and high power does not mean bad/noisy anymore. there is something about dynamics of high efficiency speaker but a lot of things are at play here too. Dispersion of the spe... 
Steve Guttenberg reviews an ATC active?
Expensive active speakers are a hard sell outside of the studio. At home I already own amps, I don’t want to buy another packaged with a speaker. In a studio where space and time are limited a package makes a lot more sense.   This guy compares t... 
low frequencies
Velocityofhue, I am glad it worked out with a relatively simple fix. Room boundary interference is a frustrating one that can make great equipment sound bad. Moving the seat is 100% a practical solution that works if you have the space. the 3.6’... 
iFi Neo Stream and Zen Stream as good as direct media playback
I also use a Zen stream. I think it sounds as good or better than my old Mac over optical. What do you gain from the Neo in terms of sound quality.    the streams software is a little wonky, I have to connect then skip a track every time to get i... 
Cornwall iv
Nice, Enjoy the time with the kids, they get big fast. Mine are in 1st grade and preschool.  
Cornwall iv
Yes 60hz is probably good. Honestly most speakers start rolling down at 60hz and then they “crossover” with the port. I find speakers sound better if I crossover where the bass driver rolls down before the port is engaged. That has been my experie... 
Cornwall iv
Interesting on the room correction, not sure what to think there and why it would be different than other speakers. You might get less room reflections with the horns. They tend to be a lot more narrow and need less room treatment/correction in my... 
Cornwall iv
Mofojo,   I am glad you like them. They are en enjoyable speaker and “audiophile” enough IMO. I think the Chorus line is pretty bad (I have owned some). As I was trying to say about the Cornwalls is they are pretty good and speakers that have th... 
Subwoofer speed is in the room, not the box
Any negative to these very high crossover slopes, 48db etc?