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Wonderful visit and 5-star customer service at Audio Doctor in Jersey City, NJ!
Regardless of the friendly retailer act this is strictly a business based on making a profit. By appointment only is just a way to better lock in the possible future customer under the guise of superior service. Providing food and drink helps crea... 
Tekton Double Impacts
As someone that owned a TDAI-2170 it sounded like a good Class D amp to me, that’s not a negative thing. It was certainly one of the cleanest amps I’ve heard and a great one box solution. 
what speakers to buy
The Focal 900 series is decent but I could see many people choosing GE and other similarly priced offerings from the usual suspects like Revel and Dynaudio over them. We stopped carrying them at the shop for just that reason but I was sad to see t... 
Wilsons are the best speakers in the world
You would have to own a pair of Wilson speakers in your system for some time to have a credible opinion (good or bad) I did just that as they certainly were not moving me at shows. I kept it affordable and got Sophia 2’s. They turned out to be ver... 
Tekton Electron has been released
I wasn't expecting to read that a lower priced tweeter is being used in the Electron vs. Double Impacts. The site description still says triple ring radiator. The new config must be what works best I guess. Looking forward to feedback on the sound! 
Gryphon and Ypsilon price lists
Post some dealer cost lists and this could be interesting ;) 
Tekton Double Impacts
It was certainly disappointing that my lower priced backup DAC (PS Audio Stellar) was a better match with my current gear.  
Obscure brands worth considering
Arcaydis has made some nice speakers over the years. Brodmann have a very specific sound worth hearing. I don’t see much Neat in the US. It deserves much more attention. I’d consider PBN a great US brand that is obscure here in Canada. 
Tekton Double Impact phase issues?
That's close to my room size and they do very well. I have early and secondary reflection points treated. Where big speakers are concerned they have turned out to be very room friendly. 
Disappointed w/ Klipsch Heresy III. Now what?
+2 on the Audio Note speakers. I've had both AN-J & AN-E Lexus Hemp and they were very satisfying. Gear matching and placement is very flexible. It's not surprising to read that the Heresy are not satisfying. Personally I need Forte's or bette... 
Tekton Electon/DI compares to what?
Goes to show how different perspective can be in this hobby. The description literally sounds like the opposite of what I hear listening to Double Impacts. With solid state I feel they do bass better than my Martin Logan ESL 15A’s + Summit X and t... 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
When I had 802 D2's there was plenty of negative feedback on looks. Martren speakers are a great combo of looks and performance. 
Tekton Electon/DI compares to what?
It took me at least a week or more to fully appreciate DI’s so I certainly wouldn’t be passing judgement from a listen at some persons house. Of course the same could be said of many speakers. 
Tekton Electon/DI compares to what?
If you pass through the Okanagan I can demo Double Impacts on Pass Labs and whatever secondary speaker I have at the time. I could also arrange demos for the Sky and SCM19's but it would be on Bryston or Classe. You wouldn't be that far from the A... 
Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7s? - seeking advice
With all this Vandersteen talk on threads I will have to get a pair sooner than later.