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Chance To UpGrade:Spatial Audio vs Reference 3A
Both are great speakers for the price and will provide a very different sound compared to the Excite X14’s. The Spatials don’t sound much like Carl Marchisotto’s designs from your fond memories but they do offer a nice open and natural sound. They... 
Paradigm 3f, KEF reference 3, Monitor Audio PL300II
I've never read someone say they like analytical speakers then go on to call B&W "musical". My impressions are the exact opposite.  
Which speakers do I pick and are they close in quality
Two completley different sounds. The Monitor 30 isn’t bass heavy but has a beautiful midrange and balanced sound. The Forests are pretty "energetic" sounding and do a fine job filling a room for their size. If you primarily listened to Pop or Elec... 
Are my " diamond " tweeters really diamond
I believe most, if not all are formed from man-made diamonds. 
ATC SCM40As sound quality at low voume
The active 40’s sound better, or at least respond better at lower volumes compared to the passive 40’s I had but it might have been the gear I was using. It’s not so much that ATC’s sound poor at low volumes, they still sound good. It’s just that ... 
Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
I'd like to bring in the Omega Super Alnico High Output XRS or Monitor at some point but I can't find anywhere to demo a pair.  
Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
@stfoth For me the best part of the DI's is the speedy cohesiveness of the 10" woofers and the 6" mid-bass. I've never heard Impact Monitors but my concern is that they might be missing the core dynamic properties that make the DI good. Speaking o... 
Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
Again with the nonsensical and personal attacks. You literally have nothing and can’t stick to facts. It’s pretty obvious here who "needs to get a life". More childish knee-jerk reactions on your part. DI’s still continue to be one of the best thi... 
Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
@Runnin since you insulted me again I’ll need to rebuke. Small minded? When it comes to audio, no. My comment that Rainmakers suck compared to Double Impacts was not made out of anger, it comes from experience and ownership of both products. I ca... 
high-efficiency loudspeakers
It's not a must but they certainly sound best in corners as the design intended. When I had other speakers in room using the corners wasn't an option and they still sounded very good no matter where I put them. A very placement friendly speaker!  
Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
Went from Double Impacts (no upgrades) to Dynaudio Special 40’s and standard Tyler Acoustics D1X’s. I have since replaced parts and drive units in the D1X’s with Eton Hex Symphony II, Arcosia and SEAS Millenium. They are best speakers I’ve had so ... 
Pure Audio Project Loudspeaker with Voxativ driver option
They have been on my radar and I nearly bought them in August (the Voxativ AC-Pi model specifically.) Looks like a killer product for a reasonable price. I think they will eliminate some of the issues I had with Spatial M3 Turbo S with vocals. Soo... 
Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?
No idea what you said. I usually scroll past your posts without reading them. 
Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?
People with beer budgets won’t get to experience nice horn speakers so for most it is a moot subject. To do one right requires proper system matching from top to bottom with quality components. 
How best to shoe horn speakers into a room
I’m assuming everyone here understands the basics of speaker placement. You need to get a speaker in room to know how it will interact. Postulating will not provide satisfactory feedback, much like reading about products vs. listening. IMO problem...