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If I Haven't Added Music, Should I Still Back up?
Thank you. 
Which companies deserve a star for Christmas
Bryston. One of my 28's was overheating as the bias was off. After contacting Bryston it was picked up off my doorstep the next day, shipped to Vermont (from CA) and returned to my door step about 6 days later. In perfect working order of course. 
Best travel destinations for audiophiles
Coast Rica. 
Gamut Speakers....Anyone? Hello?
Do you know what the difference is between the L and M models? The appear very similar... 
Backing Up My Ex HD Problems....
That was it. Some how, in the past, I must have copied my music files into the music folder on my back up drive, thus duplicating the back up. Thanks for the help.BTW - Does backing up in a RAID or to a Drobo do anything to protect you files from ... 
Is preamp remote volume a deal breaker for you?
As an amputee, yes. As an audiophile, no. 
Are there new players with HDCD?
PF Online just posted a review of a Cary with HDCD.... 
YBA 2 amp+Sonus Faber Electa Amator?
The YBA Passion integrated was one of the best matches with my SF EAIIs if not one of the best integrated I ever had the pleasure of listening too. With that said, the I have no idea how the current YBA offerings compare. 
Original ProAc Response 2 vs. Gibbon Super 8
I have owned both and IMO, hands-down the Super 8s are better speaker in all aspects. However, they are very different "sounding" speakers, I would try and give the 8s a listen before buying as you may not like the DeVore "house sound". Enjoy the ... 
Who's Enjoying the Pure Music App Besides Me??
Any comparisons to Amarra 2.0? 
Perfect sound Now what?
Since completing my system (for the most part), I have really enjoyed the process of collecting music. For years, I spent my money on gear and would squeeze in media when I could. Now, over the last 2 years, my media collection as exploded and it ... 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
Bryston 28B-SST2. The Kings....I had to relocate them this weekend because we are re-carpeting..man, these thinks are monsters! After a long search for new, long term, amps these mono-blocks these were my pick... 
Ideal Pre Amp for Bryston 3B ST or 4B SST 2
I am using the Cary SLP 05 with my 28BSSTs which is a very nice combination.Several years ago I had the 3BST's with the BP-20 and thought that it was also an excellent match. I think Bryston pre-amps are over shadowed by their amp more then the Pr... 
If upgrades were no longer possible would you be
Love my set up...hate the room... 
USB cable..what do you have.
Locus Designs Nucleus. Not under $200 but they have one that is. My converter is the Sonicweld Diverter.Both of which might be overkill if your set up does not eek out the last bit of resolution, otherwise, they are a necessity. Enjoy the search, jtb