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Bryston 28B SST
I have the 28S mated to a pair of Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations. I selected these amps after looking into several others, the final two contenders were the Clayton M300 and the Brystons. The POs just sounded better with the Bryston, but the Clayt... 
Last time you felt that "tingling" sensation?
Watching Imogen Heap sing "Blanket" on the Jeff Beck at Ronnie Shotz blue ray....WOW! 
The CD player is dead.......
Are you really just now realizing demise of the CD? My CDP sounds better then my HD/iTunes. That said, I listen to my HD 98% of the time as the sound of the disc actually in the player is only marginal better then my computer files. All of which w... 
"Dead Can Dance", what is your impression?
I see them as I saw them in concert (for the second time), September 2005, Hollywood Bowl, backed up by the LA Phil.... Awesome!I have been a big fan for at least 15 years... 
Cabling with a single vendor-new experience for me
Agreed. I had the opportunity to review a full set of Crystal Cables (Reference Connects) from outlet to speaker wires. While initially, I replaced (and evaluated) only the ICs, when the full compliment was in place the synergy locked in big time ... 
Best Rock Album in 2010
Jimi Hendrix- Valley of Neptune. 
Universal remote for audio only
When setting up my Harmony remote for my HT, I did note that my 2CH gear was supported (Cary, Pass Labs)..I would start there, I think their website will confirm which gear is or is not supported.Good Luck,jtb 
Sonic Frontiers - A Score or a Flushing?
Thanks for the comments...I will let you all know how it works out...jtb 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
1. Wiring my system from outlet to speaker terminals with Crystal Cable Reference Connects.2. The DeVore Super 8's3. The Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations. 
Bel Canto USB LInk 24/96 and iTunes on MacBook Pro
Go to the Mac's System Preferences > Sound and click the Bel Canto ( the default is Internal Speakers) first..there is nothing you should have to do in iTunes. In fact, the Mac "should" recognize the Bel Canto without have to go to Sound, but s... 
Verity Audio: To Nagra or not to Nagra?
I think the paring is user dependent. I listened to many different amps in my set up before deciding on the Bryston 28B-SSTs to "permanently" drive my VAPO's. I also think the VAPO's are much more forgiving than a more analytical speaker, which al... 
My girl friend is a genius
I think, perhaps, she asked you to turn down the volume so you can hear her better and not so much sound. A crafty woman no doubt, but "genius", I think not. What may now appear to be concern for you audio enjoyment is really a subterfuge. I know,... 
anyone using piega speakers?
You are gutsy. Can't say I would ever take such a risk, I really hope they are what you want.Good Luck. 
Sugden - Electrocompaniet - Naim - Accuphase
Not really applicable at all, but, I used an Edge G3 with Reference 3A MM De Capp -i, which was a great match. I lived with the Matrix 805s for about 3 years and would say they are more "analytical" then the 3As.John 
question about Cary 306 sacd pro, owners help???
I have no problems with my Cary at all.