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Personal Preamp Evolution.
1) +/- 1983 a Kenwood Receiver>2) 1985 Hafler DH 101>3) 1986 picked up a second Hafler DH 101>4) In 1990, sold everything to finance a move >5) Went without any "real" audio between 1991 and 1993>6) 1994 picked up a Luxman Mosfet Re... 
Challenging Speaker Situation
I put something along the lines of a B&W or Dynaudio stand-mount that fits your budget in each of the four corners then place 2 subs either 1 on each end of the room or one big 1 under the table! The slate won't move, will it?FUN! 
Efficient speaker, big bad tight bass?
Devore Fidelity has "big bad tight bass" for their size and configuration...and sound fantastic...Mat be worth adding to the list, if nothing else, they will be fun to listen to for your audition...John 
What is your favorite material for loudspeakers?
Not sure its is my favorite, but my VA PO's in the Big Leaf Quilted Maple are stunning! The fit and finish is on par with the very best I have seen.Sonus Faber does some nice work too..John 
It's 2008, what speakers deserve recognition.
To me, one of the stand outs of the past 4 -5 years has been Devore Fidelity, specifically, the Super 8s. Excellent and considering the price point - Outstanding. 
High End Monitors
I recently reviewed the Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation Monitors (and whole speaker)...I thought they were fantastic and you will always have the upgrade path by adding the base/bass cabinet should you circumstances change in the future.The nearest ... 
Matrix 805's grille badges
I found they sound a little better when they are to the outside. Less bloom but a tighter bass. The high end becomes a beamy but the gains found in the middle bass were a blessing.Oh wait, those were my findings when I went from SS to tubes, my bad! 
Starting over
A pair of used Senns HD 650s, the headphone amp of your choice and budget and an iPod.That is the route I went in a similar situation. I had to sell everything. I went right into a headphone set-ups for a couple of years. When done right, they are... 
Upgrading the Cary 308T CD player
Indirectly, I went from the 308T to the Naim CDX2, which then lead to the addition of the Naim XPSII power supply to the CDX2. Which is where I reside in contentment now. The Naim is almost the most contrary CDP to the 308T. I liked the 308T but f... 
What is your favorite type of tweeter?
I really like soft domes and try to stay well away from any "metal" dome tweeters, however with that said, the best tweeters I have listened to are the ribbon tweeters of the Verity Audio Sarastro and Lohengrin! There are others that are good too,... 
Integrated or Receiver for Sonus Faber Concertos
I too think the Naim 5i would be a fantastic match, another would be the Bryston. I lived with SFs for about 7 years, 2 of that with the concertos. I had a Bryston 3BST and the BP-25, which was a good match too. 
Simply Red.....I am so embarrassed! Good thing that when my system reach its final stages of refinement, these CDs were unlistenable for such compression! Not listened to them in a while! 
The latest flavour of the month speaker
I first noticed the flavor-of-the-month-resale-cycle about 5, 6 or was it 7 years ago. The product was the Bel Canto EVO "digital amp". The online press was mad for them and the "buzz" here and other places was furious full of hyperbole. Then, abo... 
What are your fav “Off Hollywood” films
All "marty" movies before "Color of Money"....Nearly all "pre code" films..All PT Anderson flics..Odd-n-ends:The Sweet HearafterThe Ice StromBarton FinkSecondsSave Us AllBody DoubleAfflictionBabelSyrianaRed Octoberand on and on....I think the robl... 
Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?
I have been told what I should eat on a few occiations, that is for sure...