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I'm here for the sharing, not the snobery
Isn't "objective vs. subjective" (in the sense of 'measurable' vs. 'experienced') a false dichotomy?   There certainly are (objective) ways to test or measure subjective experience.   The simplest would be ABX testing, which I would think those wh... 
Do you have ways to ease use of vinyl?
For me, CDs solved the problem of TT ergonomics, storage space, inconvenience, and failing hearing all at once. 
Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
dletch2--Exactly!  It's not the fact that OP seems not to understand the study; it's that he clearly does not understand his own summary of it. 
is using a tube amp every day bad?
Depends how well you play. 
The Absurdity of it All
Newbee--  Good point.  And maybe that explains an odd phenomenon with hearing aids.  You put them in; you hear sounds you cannot hear otherwise.  But what then happens is when you take the aids out, you once again can hear those sounds. (Your note... 
Speakers The single most critical component
It is not true that with the perfect speaker, the signal that comes in "comes out perfectly."   Of course not, because what comes in (electronic signal) has no material relation to "what comes out" (sound waves).  It produces sound-waves from a si... 
I must be old
If you have 78s, put one on and listen against LPs of the fifties and sixties.   The same arguments of the superiority of vinyl to digital (despite the surface noise), apply to the difference between shellac and vinyl.   (Perhaps illusory, as soun... 
Preamp making loud pitched morse code sound
Take it back.  Try something else. 
The two most common mistakes are bass and treble
I had the exact same experience noted here.  But could not get out of my head the fantastic sound of the speakers in the show-room.  Finally, I got a cheap tube amp, and I've never worried about my system since.   (I realize this may be a case of ... 
My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music
Agree with ausaudio.  I don't consider women equipment I own.   But if you pay for yours, fine. 
Is it just me?
I bought several cars without looking under the hood.   What am I, as a non-mechanic, going to see there that I can evaluate? 
Is louder better?
Concert levels?   Holy crap!  No one has a house that big.  If I played a recording of even, say, a single trombone at 'concert level', or had a singer friend open up in my living room, I would soon be deaf.  Even orchestra players wear earplugs.   
Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com
Glad to hear that so many audiophiles apparently do not own cars, don't have cell phones, don't feed their dogs, never eat anything but wheat and beef, don't read printed books, and believe the phrase "packed for [some sh*tcan town in the US]"  me... 
Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com
Yeah it's so much better living in a democratic society like ours, where the people's right to vote is respected, everyone gets a living wage, health care is a priority, large corporations work tirelessly for the betterment of their workers, and a... 
Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com
Sounds to me like the seller acted in good faith and that the buyer has little to complain about.   As noted above, you cannot expect a transaction where neither party is fluent in the other's language to go completely smoothly and efficiently.