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Grounding boxes which ones have YOU tried? And results?
Chayro--Thanks.  I'll try it.   
Grounding boxes which ones have YOU tried? And results?
Chayro-- Thanks.    (Now I just have to determine what 'ground lifting' means!   But i believe it means-- get in there; don't electrocute yourself; and find out what the problem is the hard way.) 
Manufacturers past their heyday
My systems are full of old Marantz, Focal, KLH, and Jolida stuff.  In part, bec. I have no interest in putting more money into this hobby than I have, and also bec. I am very happy with the sound, and don't want to go through the turmoil of 'upgra... 
Smaller Audio/Video stores- Free delivery service
Artemus--  Exactly!   "Free delivery" means "we make up for this by making unnecessary profits elsewhere." 
Grounding boxes which ones have YOU tried? And results?
I have some noise in one of my systems.  I asume ground, and I could take time to track it down ...  but are you implying that these might save me the trouble?  Ignorance here; I've never heard of these things and if you are just jerking me around... 
Do You Ever Find Yourself Unable to Listen To Your System?
For me, music tends to increase the emotional pain.  When my gf left me a decade or so ago, I surrounded myself w/ music (which did no good, of course--only allowed me to exercise my self-indulgence).  I sensed when I was getting better by the sim... 
..so you think there's no need.......
Free????  OMG an obvious scam! He's going to get your home address and ... and ... well ... yeah ...  
BUI - Guilty
Pedroeb--I assure you, that is not why people take drugs. 
High expectations when listening to an orchestra
True of all music.  Full blaring orchestra just makes it more obvious. 
Any audiophiles into motorcycles
sfar--Sounds like we had the same Ducati and much the same experience! 
Any audiophiles into motorcycles
60s vintage:  Ducati 250, Matchless/Norton 750, Harley XLCH ('67).  Short but fortunate riding career.  I had spills in every bike I owned. I realized that would be a terrible idea with the Harley.  Quit (I'd like to be a great bike rider, but I'm... 
Lack of Female Representation
Women don't get paid as much as men.  You also don't find a lot of poor people in this hobby. 
Yup.  That's one of the main reasons I go to live music--I want to stay familiar with the sound I've trying to get (or allude to!) at home, and am willing to put up with the increasingly boorish behavior of contemporary audiences to do that.    
I doubt there is any way to 'reproduce', say, the sound of a violin in a concert hall on a stereo system in your living room.  Even listening to your system against a violinist in the room doesn't do much, because that's not the sound you want.  I... 
Notes, keys, and questions.
I'm at best an amateur.  But I would often test this on my mother:  "Hey ma, play me the slow movement from Beethoven's sonata-whatever."  She would.  I'd then ask her to transpose it:  to Ab, to C#, to the most remote key I could think of.  She w...