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Parasound JC-1 still one of the leaders?
I would choose the JC's as well, without question. 
Line Conditioner:To plug or not to plug Big Amp in
Hi, Joe another option to consider is the PS Audio Soloist Premier, It's a in-wall line conditioner and top quality outlet all in one without the need for extra powercord, I run my front end gear through a Quintet and my current hungry Halo A21 on... 
Parasound A21
I'm intrested in hearing if anyone noticed improvements with XLR's. I've tried AQ columbia ,King Cobra and now Morrows MA2 all RCA. The MA2 has made my A21 sound like it cost twice the price with strong sweeps and powerful cresendo's with a super ... 
Question about Morrow ICs?
Your right , He is on to something as I to tried the special on the MA1 just to see if the IC's are as good as the SP3 bi-wire I purcashed last year.They ended up moving my AQ Columbia to other duties, the real kicker was when Mike offered the MA2... 
Best power cord: PC, AMP or CDP
I'll second that! 
Question about Morrow ICs?
Not kooky at all metals must pluse and contract heat and cool sounds like good science to me,every 12 hrs I shut it down for 30 min, I'm close to 250 hrs on the MA1's only bad part is the MA2's will be hear next week and back to point A for me! My... 
Question about Morrow ICs?
Just pulled the trigger on a pair of MA2's, the sound from the MA1's have more than convinced me,I could really live with them and be happy, the tones and musical timming are more than compotent. all there! Bass weight is present if not more than ... 
Question about Morrow ICs?
I have about 200hrs on a pair of MA-1's to see if I like the IC's as much as I love my SP-3 bi-wire, so far they are besting my AQ Columbia in ways I like.What are the major differences between the MA-1 and say the MA3 or mabe the MA4's are is it ... 
Best Interconnects
Put Morrow Audio's Ma-1 through Ma-6 on your short list and I'll leave it at that! 
AntiCables v. Morrow?
The bass is what boggled my mind given the awg, but never saw the musicality and just flat out pace and timming at the same time, my SP-3's will be in my system till I can get the SP-4's and if I don't then who cares its just "give me more of this... 
AntiCables v. Morrow?
Just tried the MA-1 IC's and at 100 hrs I think I may have to gut out all my IC's for upgrades to the MA-3 or 4 I'll post back after 300 hrs, this sucks! 
What's your best audio "find"
Morrow cables SP-3 bi-wire and PS audio AC-10 and AC-12. 
Cost effective way to absorb sound in a wall unit?
ATS acoustic pannels check them out you won't believe the prices and they do custom sizes. 
Parasound HCA-2200II Runs Very Hot
Correction that's 2203a 220watts x 3 (lol) its been a while. 
Parasound HCA-2200II Runs Very Hot
Hi, we are talking only hot to the touch? If so I use to own an HCA 2003a and it use to run hot as well and same for my Halo A21 ,just make sure its got good ventalation and it should be fine. And kudos on the great low level detail it produces, I...