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Classical Music for Aficionados
@jcazador     Hi Jeremy, I have looked for the recording you mentioned but cannot find it on Idagio. I have consolidated my streaming now , I have given up Qobuz because of this dammed decision to play music by female composers, before any of yo... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I would like to say that Claudio Arrau and Vladimir Horowitz were fully up to and in certain ways passed Moravec with their playing. As far as Arrau is concerned you only have to look on Idagio at the moment and he is playing the 4 Ballades and th... 
What a pile of Schiit
Forget it and buy a better one if cost is no issue. Methinks thou dost protest too much.  
Adding headphone amp with no fixed out (preamp)
A lot of head amps sport a Through out switch which cuts the head amp and you can listen to the other thing you want to listen to.  
Do I really need a preamp with dac with volume control help
I'm afraid only you can answer that one in the end. Do remember you have an extra box and cables to listen to. I have a PC which doubles as my streamer and music storage system. This machine feeds straight into a PS Audio Direct Stream senior and ... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
@rvpiano     A true one off. Incomparable !!  
Use of a super tweeter worth the investement ?
I put a pair of super tweeters on may ATC 40 speakers and it made an uncanny difference. What really surprised me was the bass took a big step forward in definition and realism, don't ask why I don't know it just did. They were an entirely differe... 
Improvement of MacBook Air for Streaming Tidal
What I would say is you really need a streamer, purpose built for streaming digital audio and that is all it does so the processor is not taken up with other tasks that a PC has. If you heard a good streamer hooked up to your system you would hear... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
@jim5559  I have found one Schubert disc in what may appear to be a set to come on the CPO label. String Quartets include Rosamunde and Death and the Maiden which are up to their consistently high standards. The dynamics are superb with a lovely ... 
Great Classical Recordings
@petar3  I'm so glad you like them, enjoy !!  
Great Classical Recordings
I am listening to The Auryn Quartet doing all the Haydn String Quartets on the Tacet Label. Absolutely wonderful readings and very heartfelt . The recording quality and tone are splendid with superb detail from all 4 instruments . Idagio has lots ... 
Great Classical Recordings
@jim5559  I will second and third that !!!  
Qobuz Issue
@2020matters  If I were you I would spend about $30 on a small program called Soundtap which will record anything that is playing on your desktop and even at 24/96 resolution and then you can give qobuz the old two finger solution.  
It’s all a matter of degree
Since I have retired I have ditched the speakers and gone whole into headphones primarily because my dear friend and neighbour next door to me contracted Motor Neurone disease and I wanted to make the time he had left to him as peaceful as I possi... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Barenboim is one of the greatest musicians on the planet right now. He will be sorely missed when he goes. If you want to hear him at his best with his conductors clothes on go to Qobuz or Idagio and look up Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with Liza B...