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Best Rock Song Of ALL TIME?
Magic Bus by The Who: Bo Diddley beat and teenage angst -- I wannit, I wannit, I wannit -- You can't have it 
At What Age Does An Audiophile Buy His Last Amp?
MartyKL--your question about Barolo made me recall the following: two friends and I each bought a bottle of Barolo for a fourth friend's 50th birthday. Several years later, our fourth friend died from cancer, and we learned that he had not drunk a... 
Is there a perfect speaker?
The question is a philosophical one, so I have a philosophocal answer: The perfect speaker is the one God listens to when God isn't listening to trees falling in the forest when no one is around. (h/t Bishop Berkeley) 
Rate my rig
Slikric's use of terms like "faggot" and phrases like "can up your ass" are bigoted and unnecessarily offensive and do not belong on this forum. Please delete those posts. Thanks.jimcrane 
Why do modern DACs over $1,000 sound different?
A follow up question (or two) about jitter and how to reduce it.After reading this thread, I have a question. I have a Sony cd changer that I use because of the convenience. It has an optical output. I am thinking about trying a DAC to learn if I ... 
Stereotimes phishing?
My last was intended for Tom6879. 
Stereotimes phishing?
Your suggestion worked. Thanks for taking the time to respond. 
Paul Motian RIP
I'm like Edorr: I discovered Paul Motian a few years ago when I received a gift of his "I Have the Room Above Her". I had heard him on Bill Evans' Village Vanguard recordings but never paid much attention to his playing. "I Have the Room Above Her... 
How Long Ago Since You Cried Listening To Music?
Whenever I listen to the beginning of Nathan Milstein playing the Chaconne from Bach's Violin Partita #2. For me, this piece captures a life's experience, and it is the beginning, Birth, that brings tears to my eyes.As for live performances, about... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Vista Pub, Brookings, Oregon. Way down in southwestern Oregon on Hwy 101. Local organic beef, local buns and toppings, handcut homemade fries, and a great selection of Northwest microbrews. Great stuff. 
Prefered Amplifiers to run with Harbeth M40.1
There's a Harbeth owner named "Denjo," who posted his extensive experience using many different amps with his speakers. The thread was here, on AA, or at the Harbeth Users Group. I think you'd find it worth your time to track it down. Good luck. 
Guilty Pleasure via Reader’s Digest
This is a great thread! My mother was not a fan of classical music, but she believed that my younger brother and I should be exposed to it. So she purchased the Music of the World's Greatest Composers and, later, the World's Greatest Light Classic... 
Best live album you've ever heard?
Otis Redding -- Live in Europe 
Has anyone switched from Dynaudio to Harbeth
I haven't switched from one to the other, but I auditioned both brands when I was last in the market for speakers. After listening to Dynas, both some Focus models and the Contour 3.4, for several hours at a dealer's, I thought they sounded very g... 
American Folk/Bluegrass music to die for
For something a little different from what you describe, try John Fahey. His creative slide guitar compositions, which rest in traditional songs but play to modern sensibilities, may not be the type of music you're seeking, but they're contemporar...