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Is system synergy worth having matched components?
I figure that a pre and amp from the same manufacturer were developed and tuned using the maker’s other pieces, so, *by design*, they should. Up to the listener to decide. My personal view is to at least try a maker’s pre + amp together - if there... 
Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
@smodtactical I am using a McIntosh C2300 tube pre (into a McIntosh MC152 ss) and really enjoy it. They run about $4k, and I’ve worked with Audio Classics in Vestal NY for all my used McIntosh gear - always had a great experience I occasionally... 
Best upgrade: amp or pre-amp?
@papyneau - I inherited *exactly* the same rig from my father (with KEF reference series speakers) The best first money I spent was on a DAC. Now on a Benchmark DAC3 HGC, it sounds awesome coming through those Mac pieces You might consider havi... 
What is your favorite cover?
@tony1954 + 1 on the Johnny Winter track, it just shreds One more; Heroes - Peter Gabriel (amazing version and beautifully recorded)  
What is your favorite cover?
Joan Jett’s cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy & The Stooges.  She’s at her snarliest, makes the song totally her own, and somehow it seems even more transgressive than Iggy’s version, which is saying something  
Any song recommendations for testing purposes?
@jrbirdman333 + 1 Write down maybe 20 song you love and know “note for note”, and then figure out which ones were decently recorded in the first instance. And not every track has to be of first-tier quality, because one is listening for differenc... 
Sad to say I need a new amp…
NAD M10? Lots of functionality, incl all the streaming options you’d want.  The non-masters version (can’t remember the model number) a less expensive option Have fun, there’s so much amazing equipment out there in your budget range   Have a gr... 
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
@tweak1  - thanks so much for your reply - your comparative experience is really helpful to me - at some point I am going to add a GaN to amp mix & owners of the LSA all seem very happy with the choice - Have a great day!  
Nation wide Quality Caring Delivery for Audio Gear
Use a good art handling shipper. Can deal with large items, build custom crates, weight is no issue, etc.  Not cheap, but completely reliable.  In NY / NJ / CT, Lockson is excellent (and they do relatively frequent runs up through New England)  
Russian tube supply issues
Would gladly pay more for tubes made in Poland or another eastern / central European country, which already have plenty of audio manufacturing infrastructure  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
@spenav - much appreciated on the AGD experience - I will probably try and give the Tempo di Gani a listen   @twoleftears - appreciate the suggestion   Have a great day!  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
@spenav  Thanks! Those look like a lot of fun I’m running a tube pre into a pretty conventional SS Class A/B amp, and think it would be fun to have a few amps around with different “characters” Let me know if you give any of these GaN amps a li... 
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
Hi - has anyone here with experience with Class D amps had a chance to listen to the new generation of GaN amps? Any worth a listen other than the pricier implementations? Thanks! Have a great day  
Experiences by Owners of Lyngdorf Integrated Amps using the Room Correct feature
I use an MEN220 (McIntosh-licensed RoomPerfect) in my rig and am glad I bought it; the RoomPerfect made a substantial difference in sound quality and enjoyment of the system - I would have spend too much time and energy on room treatment, placemen... 
Amplifiers in use with big Harbeths (Mon 40 series) that work very well
@jjss49  - not quite on point, but I own Harbeth SHL5+, and have been very happy using them with a McIntosh MC152 (150 wpc) - great detail, very musical bass, more than enough power for really any sustainable listening volume (85 db @ 15 ft listen...