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I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
+1 to all.  Great fun.  Have an excellent day!    
Candidates for best speakers in the $2000-5000 market
(And +1 for suggestions on buying used gear in good / trusted condition - it’s how I built much of my system, and it has worked well for me)  
Candidates for best speakers in the $2000-5000 market
I have been very happy with my Harbeth SHL5+; I imagine a previously owned pair from a good source would be in your price range, and/or that a model by them in your price range might be worth a listen (If my memory is correct I compared them to Dy... 
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
My issues with ss Class A have more to do with weight than heat. But these are niche products, in any event - I don’t think any Class A maker aspires to take over the market - they seem motivated to create products they love and make a living at i... 
Dust Settled Consensus- is the Benchmark AHB2 an Audiophile Amplifier?
Anyone have experience with the AHB2s and Harbeth speakers? (I have the SHL5+, which I enjoy very much) How would you describe the combo as compared to other amps that you’ve used with he Harbeth? Thank you! Have a great day, everyone  
Why does rock concert sound suck?
Big concert venues are fundamentally lousy for most contemporary music - the echos and delay just smear all the sound. Perhaps the excess volume is to try and drown out that problem?   Small clubs much easier because the audience itself deadens t... 
2019 Mac Pro vs. Roon
From the peanut gallery - I’m using Mac/Roon, with Tidal as a streaming service, and find it a delightful complement to the vinyl chain on the same rig.  15 minutes to download and set-up, maybe, and one is off to the races - it’s so simple to imp... 
McIntosh Group purchased by PE firm
Interestingly, Highlander does not use “other people’s money”. The partners bought Mac with their own money. So, *maybe*, they think about Mac & Sonus Faber a little differently than the average PE firm. And Mac is the longest-surviving luxury... 
OCD audio guy naming shady Audiogon dealers by name
I saw this video.  OCD M. did not name names.  He made clear that he respects the dealer and views them as friends, making a distinction between “hifi” and “audiophile”, which seems a valid opinion for someone to debate  
Favorite religious song
Forgot one: ”I Shall Not be Moved” Mississippi John Hurt (It’s a traditional, but there is an amazing recording of his performance) There are recordings of this sung by the Selma marchers during their journey; what courage  
Favorite religious song
“What’s His Name?”  The Campbell Brothers  (Southern church slide guitar.  They shred)   “Allah Hoo” Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Singer in the tradition of Sufi mysticism)  I had the privilege to see him live in the early 90s   Have a great day!  
Upgrade path question with $2k to spend
@icegeek  If you are looking for DIRAC & HT by-pass, then go with NAD or Lyngdorf  Both have room correction built in. No need for separate MiniDsp  
Upgrade path question with $2k to spend
Fun question. My vote would be a two channel integrated amplifier. Something simple that does NOT have an integrated DAC or phonostage - just pre and amp Right now, I don’t think you will be able to hear the difference if you put more $ into the ... 
2nd systems- who’s got one?
Fun question. Main rig is at our weekend place. In the city, have restrained myself to a bedroom system - pair of KEF LS50 wireless, through which I also run a TV. Convenience factor made them a good choice. Bought my 13 year old son a simple TT w... 
DAC Question: Delta-Sigma vs R2R
@mod_asored I recently purchased a Benchmark DAC3 HGC, and am delighted with it. Just passing along a good 3rd party experience, if Benchmark is on your list to consider. I believe one can buy on Amazon Prime w/30 day return period