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Nagaoka CL-152 Record Cleaner?
Doug,My bad. Too much single malt & too loud music! If I could wipe that post I would.I misread. BTW, I never thought of using it first (I have now read and understood your point!). It seems that it would take some of the wear away from the br... 
Nagaoka CL-152 Record Cleaner?
Doug,I can not believe that you would recommend that thing. Why not just use a lint roller form Target? You know damn well that Paul's stuff, aka AIVS (I still think Paul's Stuff is a better name!!) will take any shit off any album. Leaving the en... 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Pat,Glad to hear you remain in good spirits despite the setback. You give us all a lot to think about.I just bought the Coltrane album off ebay for you. It should be here in a couple of days, and I'll get it out to you ASAP. It's new, SS, but I th... 
Are in-wall speakers worth considering?
To kinda get back on track here, there is another in/on wall worth looking at. Try the Legacy Harmony. I use them for the fronts in my HT, and every so often use them with the real music rig too. No need for a sub unless you are going to use them ... 
Do higher end tuners pull in more stations
Onhwy61,Thanks for the sites! 
Is there a best cartridge track force gauge?
I bought an .01 scale here and have pretty happy with it. The Shure just got to be a PITA, and I'm lazy. And cheap, no way was I going to spend a couple of hundred!Then I fine tune by ear. 
Anyone Tried Audiotop Stylus Cleaner?
No, not at all. Many better for less $$$$ Especially Mr. Clean. 
Should you use cleaner on your stylus?
Actually, I use both. I use the Mr. Clean first, then the Zero. I've found that once a week with the Mr. Clean, and every lp with the Zero keeps my stylus absolutely spotless. I use the Zero every play.Aside from the weekly use of the Mr. Clean, I... 
If you won powerball and could purchase the best
Kondo, Kondo, Kondo! 
Carbon Fiber Brushes
I've been using it since beta too. The first brush wore out before that started. I think I'm going to try something other than a Decca and see what happens. 
Is it worth purchasing the VPI 16.5?
Buy it! Quick! 
Carbon Fiber Brushes
Goyescas,That makes me wonder again if static has something to do with it. I guess I am going to try a different brush, maybe the Audioquest. I have a feeling that quality control might have been an issue with mine, as I bought both at the same ti... 
Carbon Fiber Brushes
I use the Hunt, both times. And I clean my lp's on a 16.5. The bristles just get soft and look all bent out of shape. I don't even put that much pressure on it. Just a light dusting. Damn if I can figure it out. I know there are people out there w... 
Idler wheel drive vs Belt
I don't know if you have read the Lenco thread, but you can find a ton of info on this topic there. I have a Teres and love it, but still plan to build the Lenco some time in the future. I just can't resist the bang for the buck factor of the Lenc... 
Is it worth purchasing the VPI 16.5?
The Sota looks good, but I have a 16.5. Galen Carol has the best price I've found by far, and he is great to deal with. Whatever way you go, a good RCM is a must. Without opening the cleaning fluids debate again, I only use Audio Intelligent Vinyl...