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Any feedback on the Graham Phantom
It's nice to get feedback from two highly respected designer/manufacturers. Especially since a tonearm will be my next major analog purchase, one I don't want to have to do ever again.Frank,Well, if you are going to be cuting deals at the RMAF, I'... 
To build or not to Build
Somebody on ebay has one for $850 with a Graham arm (no bids though). A buddy had one a while back, and it did sound decent. A good plinth would surely help. If you can't DIY, email me and I'll try and help you out with a design. 
Goldmund Studio/T3 with Helikon cartridge
I've found that going from a Shure gauge to digital scales made a tremendous improvement in reliabile readings, I don't know if I necessarily agree with the magnet theory, but the scale WILL be much more precise. I do agree there is as much as a g... 
Teres vs VPI, SME, Origin Live, etc.
You know, I think he does this just to piss you guys off. Romy was much more fun!Regards and enjoy the music. 
Love it, or Hate it ? (wood trim)
I'm surprised that the prevailing opinion here is against wood. Being a woodworker, I'm all for wood IF it is tastefully done. Same goes for pretty much any material, as long as it is aesthetically pleasing TO ME (not my wife, she has no input on ... 
Manley Steelhead Tube Rolling
Just give it a shot and see how it sounds. Personally I'd try GE 5 star. Maybe 20 bucks. You can find 5687's all over that stinking e**y cheap. Just let them run in for a while to give them a fair chance. 
Jeff Rowland Phono stage
Who recommends against it? And why? What power supply problems? Who is telling you these nasty things! I use a tube integrated w/phono stage, and it has no problems. It does not have a seperate power supply.If you have a specific question about Ro... 
Jeff Rowland Phono stage
Jond is correct. Most that offer an integrated offer a phono version. Add Audio Note, Musical Fidelity, DK, VAC, Mac, Rouge, and on and on and on. 
Anyone pay 1st price, Even if it's fair ? Poll
Since I just sold four items, I feel I can now contribute to this thread. I put all up for auction. 3 started a $1.00, the minimun I was willing to accept for the item. 1 bid would have meant each item went for a buck, but all three went for about... 
Is the BIX table extint?
Hi Fernando,I just checked and you are correct, it seems to be gone. DIY HiFi Supply still has them, at least the link is still up. Look here. 
Who has made their own LP cleaning solution?
Hey Tom, how did you like the tubes? I inadvertently erased your email.For the people who can't find AIVS using the search buttonI say that tounge in cheek, becuase you have to search Audio Intlligent Vinyl Solutions, not AIVS. Paul, you really ne... 
Who has made their own LP cleaning solution?
For the people who can't find the search button to buy Paul's Stuff, AKA AIVS 
Hadcock arms
Hey Viridian,Thanks! That was exactly how I would have responded.Thanks all.Joe 
Fully Modded Origin Live OL1 or Stock Rega RB-600?
I shouldn't say this since I'm trying to sell a silver wired 300, but the OL250 is a better tonearm in my system. I too use the HiFi Mod, and Paul's VTF tweak.I have tested both arms on the same table with the same cartridge in the same system. Wh... 
How Long do LP's last
I think that after you play them once, you should send them all to me. The quality goes downhill very quickly, and I don't mind listening to sub-par lps.