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Stirring Up Trouble
Awesome discussion all. Yes, I read it all and was entertained as well as provoked to pull out my Watts collection and revisit. I will listen on my 40-something year old speakers, cables and Monster interconnects.  
For a few dollars more
MC, love the old Clint Eastwood references 😜😂😂Are you feeling lucky? 
Is It Time To Sell My Vinyl Rig?
Some old vinyl is just that... poor mastering, poor recording process, and worse, too many pressings per... I have a few direct disks that stun me regularly with their presence, detail, and sheer impact. My secondary-favs are some digital recordin... 
Qutest + Node 2i coax issue
Definitely worth the setup time. I have a N2i and a Vault 2i also. Both coax and optical work well with my Parasound’s DAC with either coax or optical.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Back in ‘77, I home-auditioned a small pair of KLH speakers. They had a promo where they sent you home also with a Sheffield Lab record (SL13/KLH)It was Amanda McBroom vocals with Lincoln Mayorga, Doug Sax and that crew  Stunning all around.  
Amplifier brand/designer with the most unique and consistent “house sound?”
John Curl Parasound gear. Anyone here have a rake on this? 
Someone please talk me out of this
I second the Rel idea. I have a singe T9i with an *old* pair of Kef reference 103.3 (missing the cube that died a while back). Nice and clean, forward but smooth mids, decent mid bass. I know that can find upgrades speakers in my mid-fi/mid-budget... 
The Most "Analog" CD Player?
Good one!seems like the comments jest jumped to discussing better CD 💿 players 😜😂😂😂 
Had an epiphany, what would happen when all of you die?
Interesting thread here. I like the Watts sub-thread ;-) 
A pleading request to manufacturers of amplifiers and preamplifiers.
😜😂😂😂😂Good point.  
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
Good ideas here. When I was considering updating my audio world (as I am home way more), I came across a Bluesound Node 2i demo for <$300. It does what I would normally do with streaming - mainly background music, and occasional seeking out sam... 
CD player reliability.... good and bad.
Back in ‘85, I sold stereo for (then) Magnolia Hi-Fi. ADS was coming to the US (Braun in Europe), and the reps alway had cool deals on demo gear. I had no CD player at the time, so I ordered the CD3. Around $800 retail at the time, and I grabbed o... 
Open Letter To REL, SVS, Hsu, etc., et al
I’ve had subs since I can remember , and trust my ear to set one up properly. I had bi-amped Altecs (which were not technically “audiophile”), but dual sealed cabs were great. Then came a decent ADS sub (aquired when I sold ADS home and mobile gea... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Well, I'm not sure about the obscure part, but these are classics, IMO...http://sheffieldlab.com/item.php?item_id=45&page=2I have an early pressing of the volume 3, which was one of my first direct to disc recordings...Now released on CD as in...