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Got a Node 2i, what's next?
And yes OP, an external DAC connection is worth the cost of some optical or TosLink interconnects.The new one may sound somewhat better, but you have full control with an external DAC. 
Got a Node 2i, what's next?
The new Node will be widely available shortly, same price.It is just called Node.A decent review here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5J-EJL0D9U 
Is D for Dry? Class D...
I’ll skip the D-bate on this...currently auditioning a PS Audio Stellar S300 which uses the usual suspects of Ice modules. That’s where it stops. The bout stage is a proprietary MOSFET which sounds pretty good. The excellent staff at PS say that a... 
Garth Powell on Why Audioquest does not make AC Regenerators
At 5:something, when he covers his mouth is the best part of the video. Blathering, opinionated idiot. AC regenerator Ir not? Not the point here.  
Did I damage my speakers?
300 hours to make a PS Audio class D smooth out. I’ve been listening today and found a familiar set of tracks to have some strange sounds. We’ll see... 
New Bluesound Node might make older node easy/cheap entry point for reluctant streamers
It is/was a good starting point for streaming, but benefited greatly from an external DAC. I suspect menu befan streaming due to this model.  
At This Time Can We Recreate Full Range Live Music In The Home?
@jasonbourne”Altec Voice Of The Theater!”these were my system in the 70s - bi-amed (60w 15”, and 30w to horns. Audiophile?A: yes by definition. B: not high end by a long shot. All I had to start were Sheffield Lab direct to disc recordings. Concer... 
I had a few drinks and bought some speakers
@noromance ”At least you didn't wake up with a girl in Nogales.”Tell us more 😜😂😂 
Focal Kanta NO.3 Speakers Spending More Doesn't Matter !
Very interesting, and sold locally. An audition is in order.$12k seems reasonable. The No.2 is also on “deep discounts”. Anyone have a sense of the differences? 
High expectations when listening to an orchestra
Even bad live music beats recorded music, on many systems 😎 
Apple Launching Lossless Music Subscription Service?
Is their audience those that listen in their Apple device with Apple earbuds?until we can stream it natively on all the popular streamers, it’s just a misuse of bandwidth.  
Drivers and how to clean them: Notes from ScanSpeak
I had a 2004 Porsche Cayenne with a subwoofer under the spare tire. There was a leak (they never could find) that filled the space with water. In spite of the “blub-blub” bass, the driver was extremely clean 😜😂😂😂I take all my speakers into the sho... 
Older vs. newer REL subs
“I'm not in the market to buy two $2500 subs to replace a single older $2k sub; I would entertain two newer $1500 subs, however.”this makes you the perfect candidate for a pair of T9x subs. As a T/9i satisfied user, I can say these are excellent a... 
Samsung flat screen TV’s
Fingers crossed: I just replaced a very old LG Commercial monitor (straight monitor) with an LG OLED TV. Then I had to replace a perfectly good but older Denon AVR due to the (too frigging smart) eARC crap.  
So done with audiophile fuses
I just replaced all the breakers in my AC panel with solid 2 AWG copper - so far so good 🤷‍♀️