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Grado Reference vs Benz Glider and H2
Good point Doublebass your thoughts are similar to my own. Seeing how I don't have 4k for a cartridge perhaps I could get more out of the Grado Reference with a different tonearm.I do believe the RB300 is not an ideal match for it and could be the... 
Grado Reference vs Benz Glider and H2
I use the Grado Reference Reference and I am curious about finding a comparable replacement.This is a really good cartridge so it's gonna take something exceptional to satisfy me.I am interested in suggestions 
Turntable Setup advice requested
I have my table on a homemade cement stand on a cement basement floor. Wouldn't change it for any stand period for when I did I got skips like crazy. I think your on the right track here.I found putting three cones under the table upside down made... 
Record Clamps
thanks for the ideas I woundup buying a Clearaudio Clamp that works the same as the Michell clamp but heavier.Wow! what an improvement syballant LPs play clear and I"m getting so much more weight and detail in all frequencies. The added weight of ... 
Phono stage picking up radio signals?
I am not familar with your phonostage so this reply may be redundant but if it has tubes try replacing them.Some tubes play radio stations and others don't I don't know why but thats the way it is.If that doesn't work then you have a grounding pro... 
Record Clamps
Hello Simon74I use my Logic with a RB-300 with all the mods and VTA adjuster and a Grado Reference. I also put new springs in it to make the suspension tighter sort of like the Trampolin mod.Currently I use a thick cork mat on it and have not expe... 
What speaker cable for Reference 3A MMi De Capo??
Buy the best Cardas cable you can afford then bi-wire them with a set of Golden Cross jumpers instead of the bridges that come with them.They need to be bi-wired in some fashion to get the best out of them. 
Tonearm / Catridge matching?
What about a Grado Reference on a RB300 is it a good match and can any of the above tweaks improve things? 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
"Lets Get It On" Oh yeah Baby 
DIY Cardas Golden Cross
I don't neccesarily wish to copy a patented product. I've been led to beileve that you can buy the wire in bulk and terminat and wrap them yourself. In what ever fashion you wish and thus eliminate skin effect.Seems far fetched but I thougght I'd ask 
Which cable to change first-intercon. or speaker?
I've always found that the biggest improvements come closet to the source especially if it is an analog source. AS one moves further away from the source the improvements diminsish. Thats not to say better speaker cables won't be an improvement ju... 
Has anyone listened to the Grado Statement ?
If your happy with the warm sound that your presnet Grado produces. Then you'll absolutley love the Reference I've not heard a cartridge that can produce female vocals as eloquently as the Grado Reference. The Statemnet is awesome but not worth do... 
Phono stage upgrade
ANother vote for the EAR834 I had mine modded and it is the last phonstage I will ever need. 
Help with cartridge selection
Don't forget Grado the Master would be an excellent choice. 
Thanks for the tip Larry