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Thanks for the encourgement Max.Krell man how did you fix your air vent problem and what was the end result like when it was all finished? 
Turntable Rack Mounted to Foundation
Thats basically what I thought thanks for your input 
Turntable Rack Mounted to Foundation
NsgarchThe plan is similar to what you describe. I wish to isolate the components from the room doing what you described. Almost as if the components are floating in air.I would think the amount of vibration going through a concrete floor and then... 
I'd like to do this economically. My plan is to build a room within a room. I want to fill the ceiling joists with acoustic insulation available at Home Depot and then drywall over top (2 ply if needed.)Then I will put in a drop ceiling leaving a ... 
Warm interconnects recommendation
anything from Cardas has a warm sound 
Does digital affect analog sound??
CD players are a terrible source for noise and few line conditioners address noise issues properly. The only line conditioner I know of that isolates components and eliminates noise is the Foundation Research LC1 & LC2 they are bi-directional ... 
What's after Supratek
Foundation Research V5 this thing is awesome 
Is it worth purchasing the VPI 16.5?
A record washer is a must have if your gonna spin records. However I think the extra money for a 16.5 isn't worth it and is unecesary.Buy a nitty gritty and turn them buy hand and save some bucks to buy more records 
Wondering about jumpers..
I replaced the Rhodium bars on my Proac Response 2S's with top of the line Cardas jumpers and the difference was astonishing.I thought because the bars are made of Rhodium that the copper wire would not make a difference but it made a huge differe... 
Large monitor/small floorstander suggestions?
Take a look at the Paradigm Studio Series awesome speakers for the money.The Studio 20 might be perfect for your bookshelf. 
Mullard xf3 codes
If there is a hole in the guide pin then they are Mullards 
effective mass of rb300 with hvywght, , Lyra clavi
When I put the heavyweight on my arm all I had to do was move it further to the back of the arm stub from where the stock weight was.Don't discount the woooden Grados on that arm and table. I have owned the Platinum on up to the Reference that I u... 
Tubed Integrated/$1500/New or Used
I have an upgraded ASL AQ1003DT with better parts and it is fabulous. Easily bought used and modded with some of your $1500 left over!! 
Tube integrated amp less than 12" in depth?
I have a modded ASL AQ1003DT hooked up to Proac Response 2S and it is nothing short on stunning. The depth should be close to 12" 
Just bought Janis Ian from Analogue Productions on vinyl.WOW!