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Logitech Harmony Setup Question
You can set a Harmony up to leave everything on or any components you like for any activity, try the advanced options, trust me it's there! 
Should I upgrade to the Theta casablanca III HD
I would do the upgrade.Theta and Meridian have been the ONLY two manufacturers to keep an upgrade path for their pre/pros and they both make some of the best on the planet. You would be spending about the same cash to downgrade sound. Why? 
Advice for Pre Amp/Processor
I think Kal hit all the ones in that price point. If you don't need five HDMI inputs I'd add the NAD M15 HD as well 
HT 2 ch/multi ch and 3D in confined location help
It makes things easier but iHDMI 1.4 IS required in every pass of the signal for 3D to work. The Oppo does have two HDMI outputs so you could run directly to the TV for 3D viewing and to any HDMI receiver (though I'd try to stay 1.3 or better) 
I have a AC Regenerator. Get dedicated line too?
Alonski,Dedicated lines are cheap to install, maybe a couple hundred dollars, way less than a power cord, and you can never have too much power to your rig! I say add the line and see, then play with the cords as you'll know the incoming power is ... 
Do Thiel Audio CS3.7 Rock?
I disagree with Stanwal,I have heard the 3.7's many times and they have never been what I would call bright by any means, they are very natural and a little polite to my ears. They can have excellent bass, but they require huge amps to get it (bes... 
Recommend blue-ray player w/ lots of functions?
I too like Marantz receivers, to me they are the best sounding of the lot. Oppo is a solid platform that sounds pretty good, you could go for the 95 if you want improved audio and the thing will play everything but HD DVD's. 
I have a AC Regenerator. Get dedicated line too?
No, I haven't, I got the PP after putting in all dedicated line near my HT, sorry! 
I have a AC Regenerator. Get dedicated line too?
I have the PurePower 700 and do run it off a dedicated line, can't hurt and since it will only increase peak performance seems logical to me. 
Oppo 95 worth the up grade from Oppo 83 SE?
The 95 is definitely better on analog than the 83 SE (I've owned both and a 93 as well) 
Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
I use it too, both with an ARC Ref 5 and now 40th AE preamp to my Krell Evo 403, great combination!!!! 
The search among the great ones - 20k+ speakers
You are all over the board, the Maestro's are ~$50k, and the 800's are like $24k.All are good speakers in their own right, but you need to go listen to them as you will be the one living with them!I have heard the 800's, VS 7's (don't like these a... 
You never see this anymore
Cello was run by Mark Levinson after he sold his name! Was a marketing genius, he recruited a friend of mine to sell for him in that era. Some of the Cello gear was really good, most was marketing and sales though! 
Best new 70" to 80" display
Not much in that range.Sharp has their 70" LCD, and the new 'Elite' version for like four times the cost, then you have Mitsubishi with RPTV up to 90". Panasonic pro plasmas come in an 80" version but also pretty price ($20k I think) 
Wharfedale Opus2-3 versus Mirage OMD-28
I haven't heard the 28's but have a good amount of experience with Mirage and their house sound is not to my liking, I find them airy but vague.