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Packing home theater gear?
The only way to pack and ship them with insurance is to use a pack and ship place and have them pack it for you, it is expensive! I sold an old pair of B&W 802's (the original ones that are really 803's now) and think it was a couple hundred d... 
Powerconditioners for digital?
Pure Power, full regeneration with a battery backup, you can even unplug them and run solely from the battery! They are amazing! 
Best movie to see what your HT AUDIO will do.
I would add any of the Pirates of the Caribbean, all are amazingly well done sonically. 
RIP Panny Plasmas
I hear this a few days ago, not sure why but I suspect the reason is that plasma cannot be made into UHD except in huge sizes and is cost prohibitive in that case.Buy a new ZT or for those looking more for bang for the buck, get an ST and use it u... 
Proceed HPA3 vs Parasound Halo A31 for Aerials
I doubt the power difference will matter much, the Proceed is a better amp in my opinion. I swapped out my HPA-3 for a Mark Levinson ML433 and the difference was subtle at best. Remember, Proceed WAS ML experimental line to try out digital, so the... 
80s Metalheads...sleeper picks
How did you all miss Iron Maiden?One of the best metal bands of all time!Now, if you want true classics, you need Motor head's "Ace of Spades"... 
Heard the Wisdom Audio LS4?
I have heard them on two occasions, one for hours. They are amazing, add on the Wisdom STS sub and they are unbelievable! 
Odd shaped Amps and preamps
One of the coolest amps were the Nagra PMA and PSA amps (Mono and stereo) they are little pyramids, simply awesome look and sound! 
It's time for a new button on Audiogon
Viridan,I sort of agree with you, well, mostly! I was selling a $30,000 preamp, had a guy who seemed seriously interested, exchanged some 20 emails answering questions about condition, set up, etc. Mind you this was (and still is) a current model ... 
Krell Evo 402e vs Evo 400 mono and Evo 202/Phantom
I agree! Ran my Evo 403 and 403e with an ARC Ref 5 for music, then upped that to the Ref 40th Anniversary, great combo! 
3 channel sound
Meridian is one of the best sounding pre/pro's made. You should remember them Kal! They make some of the best pre/pro's f all time! 
3 channel sound
Don't forget Meridian and Trifield. 
Best beer
I moved to New Zealand a few months back and the best beer I have found here is Yeastie Boys His Majesty's Ale. Beer is insanely expensive here though...... 
How to change Krell S-1000 voltage for Europe
Krell does just tht but will do it for the original owner 
What to buy ???
I had the EMM Labs TSD1/DAC2 combo and it was magical, I'd suggest you listen to the new DAC2X and consider that over the XSD1.