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Marantz SR6006 HDMI out to TV problem.
Zydo,While I agree HDMI has been a huge PITA, it has gotten better and to use component stops you from having 1080p......I have seen theaters set up this way several years ago but nmow I think all modern gear demands HDMI. 
AC Line Conditioners
You can also call your cable provider and they will re-ground the cable. they are required by law to do so. 
JSE Model 2 and Model 4 Woofers
John,Thanks for the update! I had a pair of your JSE 1.0's and 1.8's and my brother had the 2.0s!Loved those speakers for so many years! the only thing I ever had to do to them was replace the receptacle for the binding posts as the plastic dried ... 
Classe SSP-800 Reset
It has been a long time since I had to reset mine! I think it is nested in the menus but can't be 100% sure. While I love the SSP-800 the menu structure is a bit confusing, you can easily go back and correct the setting or use another profile if y... 
Any point to bi-amping Linn AV5140s?
I used to own the 5140's, and had them powered by Linn AV5105 amps.I start red with one per pair, then two then three then went to the aktiv configuration with the powered internal crossovers and removal of the passive crossover.....Bi amping did ... 
Proceed AMP-2 vs BPA-2 / HPA-2
I had an Amp 2 for a while while then had the HPA's. They are pretty close sonically though I never had them both at the same time to do a direct A-B of them. Both are very smooth and natural sounding, with obviously much more power from the HPA s... 
Transparent or Nordost?
Another vote for Transparent, I had the Reference then moved up to the Ref XL MM@ and yep, nice improvement! 
Proceed AMP-2 vs BPA-2 / HPA-2
I disagree about the reliability issues, I had and HPA-3 and HPA-2 for a long time and still have the HPA-2 for my rears. This thing has been on for almost ten years (with the exception of when the power hopes out!) and it works fine, sounds damn ... 
Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
Transparent Ref XL MM2 balanced IC and single run speaker wires. 
Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
Yes, with the 600e's! 
What processor? Difficult room with lots of glass
Sorry, wrong link! 
What processor? Difficult room with lots of glass
Well, as you said the glass is going to be a HUGE problem giving you tons of reflections that room correction will not fix, ameliorate maybe but it's not going to fix the problem, which is the room.The Salons are serious power pigs and due to thei... 
Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
Nice system Tyler!I have mine all run from a Harmony 890 remote so when I want 2-channel I simply ask for that setup and only my two channel gear turns on (except for the EMM Labs which doesn't have remote power on!?!?)I agree with you that Wilson... 
Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
Ture Dat Tyler!FWIW I use Transparent Ref XL in my rig, love their cables! 
Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
Tyler,The difference went far beyond the AE being more neutral. The attack was so much more dynamic it was amazing, I agree I never thought I'd use the word thin to describe the Ref 5 which was my own personal reference for a few years but compare...