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Frank Zappa?
LOVE Frank Zappa!Saw him at the Felt Forum in NYC on Halloween on the them or Us tour, my best friend and I both dressed as sheiks! remember almost being late as we got stuck at a light for the Village parade that night.....Great show from an insp... 
Classe ssp 600 vs 800 ?
You will not be getting DVD-A resolution by an optical connector..... 
home theater processor suggestions?
I also would be wary of the Emotiva, they don't have a history of making a good processor, quite the contrary! Most of theirs don't work right at all!The D2v and AVM50v are good units, the Marantz is nice for a lower price, if you have the funds y... 
Pass labs and wilson ausio sasha w/p
I agree with the above posts, the Sasha's (which I own) need some power especially if you like any volume to your listening....I run my Sasha's on a Krell Evo 403e, they really like some power and need an amp that can output into 1.6 Ohms (suspect... 
Programmable remotes
FWIW Philips discontinued the Pronto line of remotes and I am not sure what if any they still make.I have used Logitech Harmony removed for over ten years now and still have my first one working at a friends place. I have used it with EMM Labs, Kr... 
So your amp meets factory specs. Quit you whining and enjoy it!What do you care what color the caps are?? 
Zensati Cables
Pops,I don't think you and I are the only ones.......I was at dinner with a local audiophile society and everyone said they had stopped trolling the site, especially the new today section, too bad it was a great place, and for a little while may s... 
Zensati Cables
Not strange at all, it was the only way Audiogon could keep track of sales ad thereby receive their commissions for them....The commission killed anything communal about this site.... Their traffic is down 1/3 (Check Alexa of you don't believe me!... 
'they blew'em off the stage'
Best surprise I ever got was 1984 Roy Buchanan warmed up for Robin Trower at the old Capital Theater in Passaic New Jersey.Insane how good Roy was! He truly blew Robin Trower away! 
Best rock cover songs, list your favorites
Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" 
Best beer
I have been a big IPA fan of late and LOVE the Lagunista's Little Sumpin' Sumpin' ale, great name and a hearty IPS too, in fact, all their IPA's are excellent, hoppy but not too hoppy.For a plain 'beer' you can't beat Blue Point Toasted Lager, for... 
Name your 5 favorite Led Zeppelin tracks.
1. How Many More Times2. Achille's Last Stand3. Gallow's Pole4. When The Levee Breaks5. Dazed and Confused 
Any new 70'-80
80" and 85" displays are on there way, not sure when but suspect by late summer 
Zensati Cables
Krell has been using them since ~2010, and yes, they are insanely expensive, I seem to remember the long IC's used at CES were $30k a pair. 
audio research ref 5 manual
The manual is only about three pages and pretty much just say plug in, make appropriate connections, play. you aren't missing anything!