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Room correction room system vs ears….
I am a devotee of high quality DSP room correction.  I have done some room treatment, heavy curtains behind the speakers, overstuffed furniture, etc., but my system didn't come into focus until I had programmed my DEQX DSP room correction and repr... 
Time-Phase-Alignment- Point Source-Classical Musicians
I feel that I get very good results using my DEQX HD4 DSP to time and phase align my triamplified fully horn loaded DIY speakerts.   
Pass labs upgrade path
Welcome back Miller Carbon.  I very often disagree with you, but I really enjoy your posts.  
New Dennis Had amps
Mr. Had's amp work sounds much like Nelson Pass with First Watt amps.  Coincidentally I replaced Had designed Cary Audio 2a3 SET monoblocks with First Watt F3s.  I feel that wrought a nice improvement in SQ with the midrange and super tweeter driv... 
First Watt SIT3 vs Dynakit ST35
I agree with the OP about First Watt F3s.  They are splendid amps for those of us with very efficient speakers.  I use two F3s to power the midrange and super tweeter horns of my DIY fully horn loaded triamplified speakers.  The F3s replaced Cary ... 
Mcintosh amplifiers and preamps
In 1972 my wife and I bought a Mac 2105 power amp.  It has never been repaired or  refurbished.  It is still playing in my son's basement party room.  For half a century it has played music every time it is turned on.  I imagine it is in great nee... 
Ultrasonic record cleaners
I use a Degritter ultra Sonic record cleaning machine, and I find it to be very effective with older LPs, and it is very easy to use.  I have hundreds of older LPs I "inherited" from various people when folks were discarding their LPs in favor of ... 
Clearaudio Concept and Audio Technica AT6006R tonearm lifter???
Very neat installation.  It looks like it came from the factory that way.  I have the Clearaudio Performance DC Wood with the Tracer tonearm.  The arrangement where the tone arm post meets the plinth is quite different from your Concept.  I haven'... 
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
inna wrote:  "Bass gives a foundation. This is a very big disadvantage of high efficiency design. "   I respectfully beg to differ.  My fully horn loaded DIY speakers have a measured output at 25 Hz that is identical to the 1kHz reference.  Ther... 
Cable design is a lot like creating a pizza
I am holding out for room temperature superconductors before I replace any of my patch cords or speaker wires.  
Open invite
Several years ago I invited a fellow horn enthusiast I met on another audio forum to visit and hear my system.  I didn't expect him to accept since he lived in the Netherlands.  About a year later he told me he, his wife and son were visiting the ... 
"High end speaker covers" do we need them?
How expensive were the covers?  
"A life's quest - the Contendo II Horn speaker system is realized
How do they sound?  
Magico Ultimate III - $700,000 Speakers
Magico calls these horn speakers, but they are actually hybrid speakers that include horns.  Horn bass is the icing on the cake.  I would prefer Living Voice Vox Olympians with horn subs for about the same money.  
Phono Preamplifier Redux .. Damn This is Getting Expensive
I use the Pass Labs XP-17 phonostage, and I am delighted with it.  I have used many phono preamps, both tube and solid state, over the last fifty years and the XP-17 provides the most realistic, warm, beautiful analog sound I have heard in my syst...