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Grado Headphones
the concept of a mini-headphone amp for ipod use is patently silly--it belies the whole concept of portability. as good as the grados may be, i'd opt for koss portapros for ipod use (like mortsnets above)--they're more efficient, and consequently ... 
Advice needed for new bedroom amp/preamp
for a music-oriented system, you might consider a garden variety nad, cambridge or rotel integrated and an inexpensive separate dac such as entech or amc--you should easily find such gear within your budget. i believe your speakers are small and s... 
Passive sub for Magnepan 3.6r?
Thanks to all for unusually good and thoughtful feedback.After digesting it all, my continuing quandry is whether the Maggies are truly worth the commitment--upgrading power amps, adding one or perhaps several subs, tweaking the room, etc.--when s... 
Passive sub for Magnepan 3.6r?
good thoughts, johnnyb--i've generally assumed that subs aren't so placement critical nad didn't really think of the spped of the panels relative to the sub (esp. since everyone claims how musical the REL is). i'll hunt around to see how users lik... 
Passive sub for Magnepan 3.6r?
thanks for the feedback. i auditioned the maggies in optimal conditions--acoustically treated room, speakers seemingly well placed at least five feet from the wall, driven by a big old boulder amp (certainly more than 500w + @4ohms)-- so i don't t... 
grilles on or off the speakers??
you're spot on--having the grills off does almost always make an audible difference. my own experience is that most speakers sound better with the grills off, and i note that a number of high-end manufacturers (e.g totem, revel) don't include gril... 
Expanding a 2-channel system to surround
marantz avrs are a good bet for your application--you can configure to use your krell to power the fronts and use the avr for center and rear. 
Tube pre/SS amp to replace Plinius 8200 integrated
Rat speakers for Deck - $200 budget - Need Suggest
the problem with most dedicated outdoor speakers is that they don't have much low end, probably becuase of limitations inherent in their size/plastic cabinetry. i have a big, weather-protected deck as well, so i've been using some big old 70s kenw... 
best cd player for 300-500 bux
i concur with cleaneduphippy--use your $300 on a used dac like the cambridge. your nad isn't a great player, but it'll do just fine as a transport. 
good used speaker
i like the kefs, too, but i'm not blown away by 'em--within your price target i personally prefer used monitor audio rs6, meadowlark or focal/jmlab for floorstanders and von schweikert vr1 as a a great full-range monitor. 
NAD 320BEE with PSB Imagine B
the nad is a very good match for the psbs--the nad has ample power and a lot of dynamic headroom. i believe psb is actually under common ownership with nad and the pairing is, understandably, touted by the manufacturers. 
Anyone tried out Vincent Audio Intergrated?
I've auditioned their hybrid 150w integrated (I assume we're talking about the same model--cost around $1200) and it was exceptional, as was their cd player. Very warm, tube-like sound and lots of low-end grunt. 
Amp for AAD 2001s 86 dB ; Do I need more power?
I had the Platinum Audi0 Solos, which were also designed by Phil Jones and had similar sensitivity and specs. They were power hungry as hell and needed at least 130w/ch of good amplification-even my high quality 105w B&K AVR fell short. 
Bedroom system for my 10 year old son
the older (90s era) integra integrateds or a garden variety rotel would be a good match for the nhts and make for a nice system for your son