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Surround Receiver For Zu Druid ?
b&k is always a great choice--best avr for two channel that i've heard. fewer bells and whistles than the mass market asian stuff, but much better built. the 307 and 507 units are generally available used for $500-$1000.i'd also consider arcam... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
great album, jaybo--havent heard it in 20 years--sign on the cross is classic 
Recommend speakers for a restaurant sound system
If it were my business, I'd subscribe to XM radio service, which has fantastic variety and is available very inexpensively. ASCAP/RIAA are actually quite aggressive about collecting royalties for unauthorized commercial use of copyrighted music (I... 
NAD Reliability
Anecdotally, and from my own experiences, NAD's digital players are quite unreliable--I believe I've owned three seperate NAD players and each one had problems (laser, drawer mechanism). Their integrated amps, on the other hand, have been trouble-... 
Receiver Equivalent of Sansui AU Integrateds
i'd get a kyocera--best built units of the 80s era. 
choosing a center channel
have you considered either a midrange psb (e.g imagine line) or kef xq (great deals on their products at accessories4less)--both make excellent centers-- very transparent without being sterile or over-analytical. for ht use, i wouldn't overspend j... 
Vienna Acoustic Hayden grand or Polk audio lsi9
i've auditioned both--i think tweeter used to carry both lines, and honestly wasn't blown away by either, the vienna are way too polite while the polk were basically uninvolving without much low end (i thought the smaller lsi-7 imaged better and w... 
Recommend speakers for a restaurant sound system
I'd go with mirage omnis, which can be used as wall or ceiling mounts--they are very detailed despite dispersing over a very wide area and sound quite full range for a small, non-descript enclosure. to power them you could get a multizone receiver... 
How do you use a sub with active speakers
do it the way you suggest--since you don't have speaker level ouputs on the preamps, you have to use the preamp rca outs to the low level input on your rel. 
best hybrid integrated amp 100wpc or more
i heard a vincent hybrid that was really outstanding and reasonably priced--less that $1k. 
"Peaking" on a Marantz SR8001
try removing the red/white analog cables and using a digital cable from the cdp to the receiver (either coax or optical) and see what happens. 
Totem Arro in larger room??
why not get the totem hawks--very good fullrange floorstander easily available used for $1500 or so. you won't need stands or a sub--they'll go quite low. 
Mellencamp on Music Business
mellencamp is a nice guy has produced one noteworthy album in a long, undoubtedly honorable career--i'm not sure he's acheive3d the status of visionary. 
Overshadowed by bandmates
interesting, bizarre post. lloyd is often my favorite guitarist--listen to his shit with matthew sweet, among others. i chanced to see him live in chicago recently, and he was completely wacked out--palapably schizo--tho he's still a great guitari... 
Video / Digital cable
according to blue jean cables, digital cable is functional as (composite) video cable and vice versa. i've used a well-made composite cable as a digital cable and it worked fine--all it needs to do is transfer the signal. i'm sure all the freaks w...