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Whats on your turntable tonight?
@jeffstrick @bkeske just listened to lankum, which i’d never hear before--really dark, but hypnotizing stuff. @bslon the hitmen were pretty great--their first record especially. my hats off to your knowledge of obscure 80s guitar bands noone else... 
Given an Onkyo Integra M 504 today. Worth keeping?
i had one back in the day and it was a helluva piece--massive power and  great at low volume; also cool meters and wood sides. warm and not as transparent as modern amps--perhaps a little rolled off in the highs, but it sounded good with vinyl. lo... 
The problem with PLC
So the purported clown idiot has generated 39 (now 40) responses to his nonsense. Which, I must admit, means he wins again.  
A coupla good stories about Merle Haggard.
i just cued up that big brother record ("be a brother"), which was rated two stars on allmusic.com, and i was surprised how good it is--nick gravanites is no janis but he is a first-rate songwriter who's behind a lot of classic stuff from quicksil... 
A coupla good stories about Merle Haggard.
@valinar surprisingly, that was a post Janis big brothers song...but I share the sentiment  
Integrated Amp Shopping Decisions
accessories4less has the mf 5si on sale for $1350--sounds like a very good deal. they have a return policy if you don't like it.  
Living room integrated with HDMI ARC
i've heard the naim uniti and the cambridge evo and they're both vg and full-featured--the cambridge has more power but you don't need a lot of power with your klipsch. i personally avoid nad because of reliability.  
Some more modern jazz piano trios
@czarivey  great call on the necks. don’t think anyone mentioned the bad plus or vijay iyer.  
Your suggestions: Headphone + DAC/Amp combo?
i've compared the chord mojo to the smsl su-9/sh-9 combo and i like the smsl better--much better UI + digital tuning options + more dynamics and slam, while the mojo sounded a little more transparent/truer to source. both are hard to beat without ... 
Spotify HiFi
spotify's continuing tease of a hifi tier is massively annoying and verges on securities manipulation. there are plenty of subscribers who would pay more for hifi even if competitors bundle it for free and/or have higher rez--spotify still has the... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
the verlaines, live at windsor castle--more ramshackle and punkier than their studio records would suggest. great nz band. off broadway, on--sort of a cheap trick manque, with a charismatic singer and a really hot guitar player. not a ton of lyri... 
Better story teller than Edmund Fitzgerald?
The band played waltzing matilda. Brilliant and spot on historically.  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
 i generally agree with @jsalerno277 above regarding  as the sonic character of vintage vs. modern receivers, although "good sounding" is of course a subjective quality and many find the older stuff to be musically pleasing notwithstanding the hig... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@curiousjim glad you're enjoying artful dodger--they have a third major label record, babes on broadway, which is terrible, but the first two and the aforesaid "rave on" are the bomb. further picks today: rage to live, s/t--very intelligent 80s ... 
Fantasy or reality? Inexpensive solid state preamps that get you 80% there?
if you're ok with hybrids, the vincent sa31 or rogue rp! can be found for a grand or so and are at least 83% of the way there