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Why are so many people spending so much money to build “perfect” streaming system?
i just got a wiim mini airplay2 on amazon for $89 and connected it to a $150 smsl su-6 dac. now, i'm not one of these all-digital-sounds-the-same guys, and i trust those dropping megabucks on their streamers are satisfied, but i'm hard pressed to ... 
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
+2 on parasound, esp. the older hca line. odyssey is also a very good choice, as is used acurus.  
Purchasing barely used NAD gear
nad is notoriously unreliable, although the 80s stuff you list is much less finicky than their later gear and also sounds good. the amp and preamp seem to go for $200-$220 each on ebay and the tuner for $50-60; depending on condition and whether y... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
drivin n cryin, "fly me courageous"--kevn kinney's a folkie at heart, and i never fully bought into his hard rock moves, but this is one of the best-ever air guitar records nonetheless greg sage, "straight ahead" subdued psych-folk from the ex-wi... 
Looking for new AV Receiver
i've never heard huge differences in quality among the <$1k mass market avrs--i'd check out accessories4less, which has deep discounted prices on yamaha/denon and pick one that has the tech features you need.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Ouch! Smooth jazz...bslon, my idol, has gone to the darkside....  
query whether nad (which is notoriously unreliable) and bluesound (which is not) are made to the same standard at the same plant....  
Headphone amp and dac advice needed
smsl su-9 and sh-9 dac/amp combo--great  
Outdoor/pool.deck system
assuming you can protect the speakers from the elements, i'd probably simplify and go with a couple of powered bluetooth speakers, which will spare the need for a separate amp and streamer. you can spend as little as a hundo on a pair of edifier (... 
Best wireless headphones for flying
of the many i've heard the sony xm5 (or their predecessor the xm4) are probably the best combo of comfort, tech and sound  
Besides the Audiolab 6000CDT,
@shtinkydog good deal--the cambridge is a solid piece. fwiw, the pio dv-79 isn't bluray and it loads and reads discs very quickly.  
Besides the Audiolab 6000CDT,
since (as you unambiguously state) you want a rec for something other than the audiolab, i'd look at the cambridge cxc. for much less $$$ you can't beat a used pioneer dvd-79.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@bslon i agree wholeheartedly on "jack johnson"--it's his best work (tho i'm sometimes partial to bitches brew) and much more engaging than "kind of blue", which sounds oddly tame after all these years @bdp24 what i like about rusty young's pedal... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
bram tchiakovsky, "funland"--their overlooked third record actually shows quite a bit of songcraft poco "live"--this is the 1976 live disc, which is harder-edged than the 1972 "deliverin" and has a couple of classics in "angel" and restrain"    
Any Near Audiophile Bluetooth Speaker?
you can buy a harman kardon onyx 4 for $140 or so on amazon (orginally $400)--sounds very good