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CAT amps comparison, continued
Hi Brian, please let us know your thoughts before the visit of John in December... we are all in a hurry :-) 
CAT amps comparison, continued
I also wish that someone responds... 
I'm a bit lost...
EgglestonWorks Andra II 
Looking for a new speaker. Wilson Maxx II ??
Deshapiro, in my opinion you had the best of all big system, if I well remember: the Avalon Osiris...In alternative, I do recommend again to look at big Egglestons (Savoy's). Best, luca. 
Looking for a new speaker. Wilson Maxx II ??
EgglestonWorks Savoy's. Each speaker has four 12" Dynaudio woofers, four 6" Morel for midbass/mid section and the incredible T330D Dynaudio tweeter. Dynamics, transparency and musicality in spades... Try to listen them before to get something else. 
Full Range Speaker $15-$20000 Range?
I second 1markr's suggestion. I had a lot of speakers in the past and the Andra II are simply the best sounding of all. Great dynamics, transparency and an incredible "real" sound: you can easily imagine to be at a live event. Try to listen them, ... 
CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7
Bob, thanks again for your explanation. You are really kind for trying to answer such a difficult question. 
CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7
Could someone reply to my question about differences in CAT's, please ? Thank you. 
CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7
Sorry guys, but I am not sure I well understood the matter: is the JL-2 more or less powerful than the previous standard JL-1 ? For what I read the JL-2 should be a 120w stereo instead of 100w mono... I also noticed there is a 300w hc JL-3 at a lo... 
Hi, I'm Italian. The word "tessitura", strictly translating, means texture, but I imagine in that case it is used to describe a liquid, organic, smooth sound. The type of sound usually referred to a tube device. So... it means nothing. 
Storing my Speakers
Difficult question. Someone may suggest to wrap them in plastic but I am not sure that it would be safer: the little humidity contained internally and in wood panels could warp the surface of speakers in the long period. So, assuming that the spea... 
A big thanks to Thiel
Recently I received again a great service from Thiel: Shari and the other guys at Thiel are really the best for Customer Care. 
Why are audiophiles perceived as being wackos?
I don't read all previous posts and my opinion is simple: more common the passion (cars, wines, watches, horses...), more the acceptance of people about great amounts spent on that. Our passion is considerably rarer, so less understood. 
Power for Thiel 7.2
Check out my thread, here you find some advices. 
European Audio Shows
Top Audio & Video, Milano, Italy, September 15/18. See