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I’ve got the upgrade itch
The Primaluna preamp is active, I believe.  
Any hi rez radio stations?
Thanks everyone for your replies!! 
Seeking advice on power conditioners/regenerators
@tunefuldude , yes, it did seem to open up the sound a bit.  Not a dramatic difference, but noticeable. thanks for asking  
Roon not seeing Qobuz
Roon lost my Metrum Ambre -help
I got it working. Disconnected the Ambre from the “ether”, turned it off, reconnected the Ambre to the ether, then powered it up again.   
Any AGD Audion owners in So Cal??
My current amp is a Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated amp which does not have a pre-amp output.  I would have to buy or borrow a pre-amp in order to take advantage of the in-home trial.That’s why I am trying to hear one in someone else’s syste... 
Any AGD Audion owners in So Cal??
rh67thanks.  I am in Carlsbad.  I am trying to find someone closer than Burbank, where AGD has a demo facility. 
SET vs Push-Pull (Line Magnetic vs Primaluna)
I did some more listening this afternoon with the decibel app on my iPhone.I find that when I am listening at what I would consider a fairly loud listening level, it’s reading average levels around 80-85 dB, with peaks around 90.this is measured a... 
SET vs Push-Pull (Line Magnetic vs Primaluna)
Thank you for all your responses!The feedback from the community is quite helpful. I thought I would provide more detail about my listening environment.  The room measures 20x24x9.  The 24 dimension is because the room is open to a staircase and a... 
Seeking advice on power conditioners/regenerators
I decided to pull the trigger on an Audioquest Niagara 1200.  It’s back-ordered, so I don’t have it yet.Turns out the PS Audio P3 may be marginal for the power needs of my system.  The Niagara seems like a great value if it does anything good for ... 
Requesting recommendations for phono stage
Thanks for all your recommendations.My thinking is evolving.  I am considering stretching my budget to $2,500 and going for the PS Audio Stellar phono preamp. 
How to set up Roon control from iPhone and iPad?
Never mind.  Just figured it out.Downloaded Roon Remote app.😀 
Question about internet connection to streamer
Thanks tuberist!!i am assuming cat 5 and cat 7 use the same connector?? 
Best DAC to go with Aurender N100H?
I do have a bias towards NOS DACs.As I research this further, I come to find out that Metrum makes a streamer called the Ambre.Has anybody out there heard the Ambre+Onyx combo?? 
Best DAC to go with Aurender N100H?
Thanks for all your responses.  I am a relative newbie to this digital world.  There’s lots of info to research, absorb, and process.  A one box solution is ok, as long as it has digital outputs so that I could use a separate DAC down the road.  L...