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Need help with Squeezebox Touch
Thanks Mapman. I followed your advise. The iPad now detects one SBT, but not the other. Maybe the undetected SBT is not connected to the server (?). It is connected to the network. I will try that next. Any other suggestions ? .....Thanks, Matt 
MOG to shut down, replaced by Beats Music
This is a real bummer. I am a squeezebox touch owner and I just signed up for MOG a few days before I heard this news. I hope there is an equivalent quality substitute for MOG that is SBT compatible. 
What do audiophiles listen in their cars?
Sometimes NPR, sometimes talk radio, sometimes "oldies" radio, sometimes the sound of the boxer-6 engine with the top down. 
Is this your final audio system?
Never say never. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
2006 Acura TL and a 2001 Porsche Boxster S 
For 35 years, I'm an Audiophile wanna be
I would recommend doing the sp3 upgrade to sp3c. You would be hard pressed to find a better preamp than the $1000 it would cost to refurb/upgrade. If it is good cosmetically, it will certainly be worth $1500 or more when you get it back from ARC.P... 
Oldest piece of gear you own
My ARC SP3c preamp. I purchase it used in 1974 thru a classified ad in the New York Times. Of course, when I bought it, it was an SP3a1. I had it upgraded to SP3c in 2003. 
Question for ARC aficionados
Back again 3 years later. I still have not "downsized", but am thinking about it again. Has anyone compared the ARC VSi60 to the new Prima Luna Dialogue Premium integrated amplifier ? Thanks 
Primaluna Dialogue Premium vs. ARC VSi60 ?
Anybody ?? 
Squeezebox dropouts - another question
Jond, are you streaming 24 bit 96 kHz files with no dropouts ? 
Squeezebox dropouts - another question
Thanks for all your responses. I am not sure if the SBT is G or N. How do I tell ?? Lots to ponder here. I guess this brings up another axiom of the digital age we live in: "Your need / appetite for bandwidth will always exceed the available bandw... 
Apple Airport Express won't play WAV files
Back again. I figured you how to convert WAV and APE files to FLAC using XLD. Now I can play those files thru the AE, but only up to 16/44.1 kHz. If I try to play 24/88.2, or 24/96 FLAC files, I get lots of dropouts. Is this a limitation of the AE... 
Apple Airport Express won't play WAV files
Thanks for all your suggestions. I have direction to go in now. I'll be out for a few days, but I will report back when I have something to report. 
Apple Airport Express won't play WAV files
I downloaded Air Foil after reading Chuck's post (before the other posts were made). Now I'm further away than before. For some reason, Air Foil recognizes the wireless network and the Marantz receiver, but NOT the airport express. Now it won't pl... 
Audio Research SP-3A-1 part
Tell her to think of it as "repair and maintenance", cheaper than buying something new. If your otherwise good car needed a transmission rebuild for $2k, compared to a new car for >$20k, she would say "fix it", wouldn't she?