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Quantum Science Audio Thread
@willgolf I returned the SR Purple and I’m going back to stock or Beeswax. I found the SR Purple to have sound characteristics similar to the QSA fuses, since they both use graphene. But I found the stock and top of the line Beeswax to have more... 
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
I use Black Cat Tron BNC to connect it to the DAC. I also ground the mini via the RCA coaxial with an Entreq box.  
Grounding cable gauge size
I use Entreq boxes for my Lumin and router. Now I have an Entreq ethernet cable with its own grounding box. Their ethernet cable upped all of the Entreq positives you listed by several multiples. I have never removed an Entreq box from my stereo... 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
I have owned the QSA blue, yellow, and red. Beeswax Ultimate SHD and Ultimate Premier SHD. The problem with aftermarket fuses is that they first sound spectacular, but then over time, they get tiresome as you realize they're too bright or colore... 
Some DACs I am Considering-Any thoughts?
Cetla416 - what a great story. Now what would happen if you upgraded the fuse and power cord on the Orchid? You could probably be happy with the DAC for a long time.  
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
It will be interesting if mrcyrpuz and others who compared the U1 to the mini with sbooster, tried upgrading the DC cable on the LPS powering the mini.I am willing to bet upgrading the DC cable will close the gap significantly between the U1 and t... 
Has Nordost forgotton who pays the bills?
What Mark wrote is actually a good test.I called Devore before buying his speaker used locally.He was a gentleman and helped me with all of my questions.It only took him 5 minutes, but I will sing his praises forever. 
PC for LUMIN X1 ! .... Shunyata? Nordost? Synergistic Research? AQ?
Have you tried changing the fuse first on the Lumin X1?It would be much more cost effective upgrade. 
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
Has anyone tried the SR orange fuse on the linear power supply for the U1 mini?I’m kind of in shock how much of a difference this has made.Way more PRAT, slam, dynamics, transparency.The orange fuse is warm in the midrange. 
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
I tried replacing the fuse on the LPS powering the U1 mini and that has made quite the difference.I will also try a Farad Super 3 LPS with it. 
The Importance of the Digital Cable
Black Cat makes a hell of a digital cable… Yes, that Black Cat digital cable is out of this world. Made my previous one sound broken. 
An audio rack that really does make a difference.
Always wanted to try Artesania Audio.I have the Stillpoints rack and I would never be without it.You'd have to find one used for your price range. 
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
I'm using the mini with an Uptone JS-2.It's grounded with an Olympus minimus.And I use a Black Cat Tron digital cable.It's absolutely fabulous. I'm sure the U1 is even better, or maybe a DCS bridge, but the mini in this setup is so good, I don't e... 
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
Goofyfoot, I understand the attachment to CDs. Streaming Tidal has a different sound than CD playback.There are more variables to optimizing streaming. Many things we wouldn't initially think of.Grounding the router with an Entreq box makes a big ... 
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
I use the U1 mini with a Black Cat Tron and Bakoon DAC 21, and this combination is just so musical and delivers so much insight into the music with finesse.I remember the days when audiophiles said redbook CD didn’t have high enough of a sampling ...