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Network Switches
@david_ten "Since it hasn’t been brought up, consider GROUNDING the switch with a RJ45 terminated grounding cable." I ground my cable modem/router one box with an entreq box with a RJ45 grounding cable. I would never go back to streaming without... 
Network Switches
@sns "Without switch, images and sound stage wonderfully dimensional and life sized. With added switch, while there was a minute increase in lowest level information, image outlines were drawn too precisely, still three dimensional but with cookie... 
Network Switches
@tecknik I have never had an off the shelf switching power supply outperform a high quality LPS either. But I want to try the Hypsos Ferrum, which combines both. Grimm and other designers have been able to get their switching power supply to per... 
What is Your End Game System?
@jerrybj I have the etherstream2. It’s very good and worth every penny. I think he underpriced it actually. It’s outperformed other switches that cost way more. I love it’s small footprint and that I can run it off a linear power supply.  
Snake oil of the year?
The Fidelizer Etherstream network switch, which I have, definitely improves TV resolution-Its easy to see the difference .So it does "something" As far as audio is concerned I doubt if I could tell the difference. I have the etherstream2. It is... 
Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 3
At twice the price roughly, I’d estimate that it’s 15-20% better sounding if it’s only 15-20% better, you can easily close the gap and surpass it with a good isolation stand, Entreq grounding, and a good power cord.  
Grand Prix versus Stillpoints
Not too many audiophiles want to spend money on a Stillpoints rack. But it is the only component in my stereo still left from 2016 (besides an Oyaide R0 outlet). I am always amazed at how much it improves the performance of a component. I stil... 
What’s Voodoo power cords signature sounding?
I looked on cable co and it looks like VooDoo has joined the higher end market and has some pretty expensive power cords now.  
Wall Receptacle Oyaide R0, Furutech GTX-G and SR Black UEF
I would recommend anyone who likes the R0, to get Alan Kafton’s doubled cryoed cooked version. It’s better than a stock R0 across the board. More musicality, less grain, and very quiet compared to the stock R0. It’s been 6 years since my last po... 
Different R2R DACs
@ghasley Merason DAC 1 is a bargain, even after the price hike. It’s really good.  
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
Hubbman, are you running the U1 mini in stock form? I have a modified U1 mini powered by an Uptone JS-2. Upgraded Beeswax fuse and Ghent audio NRG DC cable. Grounded with an Entreq Olympus Minimus. When I powered the JS-2 from an Isotek Genesis... 
I will post my thoughts shortly, as I have just picked up a Genesis. I will say I agree with Jason Kennedy of hi-fi +. Expensive regeneration is the way to go for ultimate results.  
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
The problem is any comparison between the U1 and mini will be highly dependent upon the DC cable and LPS for the mini. I will say the mini is incredibly good with the right supporting network and grounding components.  
Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?
@hubbman And upgrading the DC cable for the linear power supply should close the gap significantly. I went from stock belden cables to Neotech copper and there was performance jump.  
Quantum Science Audio Thread
@willgolf Yes the Beeswax fuse is directional. There is no labeling for direction, but the wrong direction will sound a bit muffled.