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Bluenote Distributor in US being dropped?
Just a F.Y.I.Hudson Audio Imports is the new distributor of Bluenote products in the U.S.cheers 
CD player wanted $500-$1000
The TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V is one exceptionally fine sounding MUSICAL player – getting us much closer to analog. It is excels in most all of the audiophile categoriesÂ… resolution, neutrality, soundstaging, dynamics, transparency, instrument weight, a... 
Top ten tube amps
a survey such as this is very difficult only because it's too open ended, and subject to personal favorites, vs. test data...that being said some obvious choices are: 1) Zanden 9000 series 300B's2) Tube Research Labs GT 400 & 800 series3) Conv... 
tubed preamp off and ss amp left on?
Do you still have the hum when the preamp is disconnected entirely (with no cable attached to the amp inputs)? Are the pre and power-amps connected to the same outlet ? Just ruling out possible sources of ground loops.also how old is the amp ? If ... 
Good amp repair shop in L.A.?
BROOKS! worked magic when it came to my Jadis, and La subject... 
When is unequal, equal?
any more updates? 
In the market for a plasma.........suggestions?
If you can stretch the budget? look at the Pioneer Elite plasmaI got mine on sale for $4900.00 @ Tweeters Electronics50" job to boot. GREAT product, no regrets. And the HD quality is amazing 
She's on to me
Props to the spouse for noticing the sound had changed/improved? I to get much delight in switching things about from time to time as well, just to get the same reaction...My last adventure was introducing some Stealth "Indras" into the mix. A obv... 
Best monitor under 5k?
two short list items, A) the Sonus Faber "Guarneri's", and B) the S.A.P. "Trios" both are very good. The Trios tend to have a prominent upper midrange that gives the presentation of a lot of life and immediacy (good for jazz and vocalists, less go... 
Best monitor under 5k?
perhaps the answer to the question you've posed is to ask the question? what is the associated electronics, and your taste in music? other than the established price parameters... 
any clues? on mystery TOOBS...
thanks, but it comes up BLANK? 
Help me make the best arm-cartridge matches
p.s. I'm jealous. Good job! 
Help me make the best arm-cartridge matches
I've been told that the Schroeder Reference, w/ the Jan Allaerts cartridge is a Monster. So much so that, it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end! at least this was a strong suggestion from a very reliable, and well known audio... 
Whatever Happened To SAE?
Didn't Bongiorno then go on to GAS "Great American Sound" then on to Sumo which effetley was SAE anyway? after they all at some point in time went BK. 
Jadis Defy 7
Depending on where you live? for me the choice in Southern California for Jadis was easy, it's Brooks Berdan LTD. he's a wizard with them! give him a call, or e-mail them.