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JADIS JA80 with 6550 or KT 88 or KT90 ?
I have had these Amp's before,Best of the Jadis line of amps. Musically speaking. (IMO) And have tried all of the configurations you are speaking of. In my personal taste, and or ears. The "6550's" tend to offer better bass, controll, and depth of... 
any experience with TRL mod ?
Frano, sorry forgot to mention the conversion is of the highest order. The attention to details are second to none. Paul is a true craftsman that takes pride in his work. You won't be disappointed!Craig 
any experience with TRL mod ?
Best MODS going PERIOD! (I don't have a Sony) But, Paul Mr."TRL" himself took my Shanling T-200 level 1 that had already been seriously modified by the People up in Canada, And Has taken it to a state of near nirvana... Don't even hesitate go for ... 
Merlin Owner's...
"FERRARI RED", but I didn't have the balls to order them! Wife sez...So I went with the standard "Piano Black" However, in the final analysis it was the right choice. 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Shanling T-200 with full on "Tube Research Labs" mods. Fantastic player in a one box solution... Hard to beat for anything under $15K 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Update, the drop top 6 series is in the garage! (blk on blk) Looks like the Joules VZN 160's will need to wait till the tax return... 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938
OK, you've got my attention where in LA can I demo these? well written, and informative review thanks for sharing. 
best shippers?
Bax global. They can handle these without any problems. Weight is the main issue with most carriers, not so with Bax. Plus, the main reason to consider them is they really understand how to treat this fragile cargo. Not so with the meat and potato... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
The Sidewalk crouches at her feet, like a dog that begs for something sweet... Doors 
Best excuse for playing loud music?
If it's to loud? You're to old!!!!!!!!!!! 
Linn Sondek ?
Sorry member Sidssp, I did in fact omit it is equipped With a Ekos arm, and Adikt cartridge. Along with the lingo pwr supply. Serial # is in the 70k's. Please advise. Thx, Craig 
Turntable help for a Newbie
Thanks, to all who have taken the time to help out. It looks as though the "Teres" is in fact the front runner thus at eleven, I'll keep you posted. Craig 
California: Southern California Audiophile Society
Trying to find a club in Orange Cnty, Ca. i.e. Huntington Beach/Irvine/Mission Viejo areas. thanks , Craig 
My "Hummer" is driving me nuts
I agree with Elevick. I had to go throght the same process of elimination until I found the culprit. The "cheater" plug did the trick. Very frustrating, however necessary. Good luck 
Improvements to the Shanling CDT100
I agree with Cnocmoy10, the transformation is well worth the price of admission. Try Underwood hifi. Walter is most helpful, and can suggest the best way to go for your needs and budget. I went with the hot rod T200 via Parts Connextion and it smo...